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So I was looking through my history textbook today. I have an important exam coming up and I find that all of a sudden I must review all the history of the world. Sounds just peachy doesn’t it?

Sorry, I have a tendency to use sarcasm a lot where I feel like it belongs. I actually use it for a lot of things..

Anyways, here’s my problem with history: It’s history! Thus, the past. What’s already happened. Shouldn’t we be focusing on the future instead of dwelling and trying to understand what we no longer have a say in??

And I’m not just talking about the subject of history that we must take in school- though I’m not quite fond of that either. I’m talking about everything in general. When people talk about the past, when they ask about the past, when they compare the past, when they drag the past into the present trying to shove it into the future!

Even in school, with my friends, I have never been one to talk about what happened the last year. I mean, reminisce, refer to good memories for a bit, sure. But move on. I don’t see the point of wondering about why something happened when it happened already!

Some people may argue that we look back on history to stop it from repeating, but if we keep talking about it, and bringing it up, and taking it with us everywhere we go, it’s most likely going to repeat! How can people ever even consider getting a fresh start if people are pulling the past with them on a leash?

Life only goes in one direction and though we can look back, we can’t go back. We can’t sit here and regret and dwell and hopelessly wonder whatever had gone wrong. The future is catching up with us fast and if we don’t appreciate what the present has in for us because we’re too busy staring at what’s already done, the present will become a reflection of our past and who knows where the future could go from there.

So there you have it. My rant about why talking about the past just ticks me off. It’s stuff that’s over and done with, gone, has been, no longer here. And with what’s no longer there, there’s no need to talk about it.

Unless of course you are required to know it for an exam..


“Only fools go out of their way to point out the foolish ways of another fool.”

Nice quote, don’t you think? Wanna know who it was said by? Me. I was just sitting here thinking about some of the people I go to school with and the words just came to me. Pretty clever huh? Oh well, I thought so.

So what happens in English class when you discover a new quote? You interpret it, don’t you? If not, my English teacher is way off. So even though this is my quote, and I know exactly what this means, let’s analyze.

A fool (the noun) is a person who acts unwisely or imprudently; a silly person. That is the definition copied from the internet. In other words, acting stupidly or idiotic. Well that’s the non sugar-coated version basically.

Now a fool’s job is to do foolish things. And a normal person’s job is to ignore somebody else’s foolish ways and just focus on themselves. But there are quite a few people out there feel the need to be like,

“Look at that fool. Doing those foolish things like only a fool would do.”

At which I almost feel compelled to laugh and respond,

“Look at yourself fool. Pointing out the the foolish ways of a fool like only a fool would do.”

But I don’t say that. Wanna know why? Because only a fool would let a fool’s foolish ways fool them into being a fool themselves.



Now try and count how many times ‘fool’ was mentioned in this post.

I would do it myself but I have other things to do besides rereading my post about the foolish ways that fools point out the foolish ways of other fools.. and yes, this sentence counts too 😉

So I have this thing about me, I can’t help but care about people. I mean, just genuinely I like to care about people. I guess I’m just too nice sometimes. Maybe it’s because I just want everyone to like me and think of me as a good person. Is that a crime? Does it make me a bad person to want people think of me as a good person?

I go out of my way at times to do something good for someone. And one too many times it was only to find that they could care less. That they could very well just use it as a way to take advantage of me. Maybe that’s just the price I pay.

But for god’s sake, haven’t people learned that lesson “Treat people the way you want to be treated?” I mean, come on! I learned that in kindergarten! And that’s what I follow. So if I treat you nicely, why can’t you do the same?

And another thing, just because I’m nice, it doesn’t give you the right to push me around because you think I won’t do anything about it! Just because I’m nice does not mean I can’t get mean. Yes, I care about people and yes I try to be a fair person but if you’re not fair to me, you’d better not be protesting when I turn on you.

I can be mean too. Just because I’m always nice doesn’t mean you can be mean to me and get away with it! Because right up there with being a good person is self respect! And there is no way I will let people just walk all over me because they think I’m too much of a “nice person” to do anything about it!

No way!

We’re young. We’re growing up. We’re discovering new things. We’re teenagers. 

You can’t blame us for wanting to have some freedom. We’re not kids anymore. Yes, I realize we’re not adults, but we’re young adults, aren’t we? Almost?

So why is it that parents can’t just trust us? Why is that everything is such a big deal? I get that in this age we’re more likely to get in trouble, but keeping us locked up like a bird in a cage isn’t going to help. In fact, that may just encourage us to pick open the lock until we can sneak out and fly away. Don’t worry, we’ll come back. And we’re old enough to take care of ourselves. All we want is some independence.

I am a teenager! I want freedom! Have faith in me! Have some trust! I deserve another chance!

Besides, haven’t you ever heard the saying, “Strict parents make sneaky kids?”

I know parents are just looking out for us, but we need to learn from our own mistakes. We need to live a little. And trust is so so very vital in our lives.

So why won’t parent trust teenagers? 😦

What Our Generation Has Become..

Okay, this is the kind thing that makes me wonder if people are getting smarter by day, or dumber. I mean, “Live Fast, Die Pretty”? Who listens to that??! What good is it if you waste your life on stupid stuff? And who cares if you die with a pretty face if what you did with your life isn’t so pretty? These kind of sayings truly make no sense whatsoever and are only messing with teenager’s heads. And don’t even get me started on keeping your “swag”.. pointless..

” Oh. My. God. I am soo fat!”

“Look at my thighs, they are huge!”

“Guys, don’t you think my butt is getting wayy too big lately??”

Ladies and gentlemen, if you think these statements are spoken from insecure girls, you all are sadly mistaken. Let’s get one thing straight: no one who’s insecure, bring’s more attention to themselves by pointing out “flaws” on their body.

Truth be told, yes, these days insecuirty is reeking in the air like rotten fish left for months. So many people are self- conscious of how they look, how they dress, how they act, their body shape- everything really. But then again, so many people out there are also very sure that they have a nice body and yet they feel the need to complain and act like its not good enough just so everyone can take another notice and reassure themselves that they are looking good. And then of course the girls will smile because they knew it the whole time.

What ticks me off, is that people mistaken the girls that know damn well they have a nice body for the girls that spend every other walking moment wondering if they are good enough. And that’s not fair. And that’s messed up. How can you act like you’re insecure just because you want more attention when there really is people that don’t believe they’re good enough? Everyone is beautiful in their own way but if you already know that then stop hunting for more compliments! I mean I get it, sometimes you can’t help it, and it’s a nice feeling to get complimented, but why pretend to insult yourself for the compliments? It’s just not worth it.

No one should be inscure and no one should act insecure for attention. Everyone’s beautiful and we should just leave it at that.

Hands Off Boy!

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Okay, every single guy should know never ever, and I mean ever to force a girl to do something. It’s just not acceptable! If a girl says no, for god’s sake she means no! It doesn’t mean she’s being a tease, it means “take a hint and get lost.” Shall I demonstrate my point?

So I know this guy, a grade older than me, seems like a sweet guy, barely know him though. I mean we met in an after school program and other than that we say “hi” and “what’s up” in the hallways and stuff. Today I saw him so he stops me and we start having a general conversation.

Well, here’s the thing, we were in the middle of the hallway. It was crowded as hell and people were not happy with seeing two people just standing there talking. So call me polite but I wasn’t going to just cut off the conversation. So I say “Hey, why don’t you walk me to class and we’ll finish talking.”

We get to my class but as I’m about to go in, he grabs my wrist. Caught off guard, I ask him what’s up. He tells me to wait a minute, to go with him to the staircase for a bit.

Now, I know better than to follow a guy I barely know into an empty staircase. Plus, I had a test! So I said “um, no way, I gotta get in class”. And I was ready to go in. Except he had a hold of both of my hands and he was pulling, I mean pulling me away! He said “come on, just a minute, just a kiss”. Now hold up. Backtrack. Read that again, you did read it correctly. He barely knew me and he was trying to forcefully make a move on me??! What kind of guy is this??

At that point, I was desperate. I said to let go maybe about 20 times and I can assure you I was pulling with all my might! But he was stronger and he wouldn’t let go.

So there I was, in the middle of the hallways once again, except this time I was being almost dragged my a guy by both my wrists and even though I was clearly telling him to let go he wasn’t letting go. Can you imagine being in my place? I was two seconds away from screaming “RAPE!” It was like I was trapped. I was pulling, he was pulling, and finally, finally he lets go.

And there I land, butt first onto the middle of the hallway.

No, he didn’t help me up, in case you were wondering. Nope, how could you expect a guy that tried to drag somewhere to help you up? Not that I gave him much of a chance to anyways? I scrambled up and ignored the stares of the people and rushed into my classroom as fast as I can. You can bet your lucky stars I was shaking for the rest of that period.

Somebody needs to teach this guy how to treat a woman..