Posted: March 11, 2013 in Teenage Boys..
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Why must boys be so on and off with you? One second everything is cool, you guys are the greatest of friends. Maybe sometimes it even feels like more. Maybe, but what do I know? And then the next second, it’s like you’re nothing to them. You’re just another girl they talk to when they’re bored and walk away when a better offer comes into sight.

We’re friends. I like it as friends. I’m all cool with that. But guess what? You don’t ignore a friend! If I say hi, for godsake, its not that hard to say hi! Maybe even a smile along with that would be nice, but you know, I’m just shooting ideas here.

And if I send you a message. Read it. But wait. Don’t just read it and sit there before moving onto something else. Reply! No one sends the first message and is content with not getting something back. And believe me when I tell you, I will know when you’ve seen the message. I know you, plus you don’t try to hide it much. All I wanna know is what’s so hard about saying something back? You’re busy? Fine. You can talk to your other buddies and post things on the internet but you’re too busy to reply to me. Alright fine, I understand. But why don’t you at least write that?! A simple, “Hey, a little busy right now, but I’ll talk to you later” wouldn’t hurt, now would it?

And you know, when I say your a good friend, I probably mean it, and you probably are, but it’s not cool to ignore my messages. Ever. So don’t do it.

Otherwise you’ll be forcing me to title you with certain names such as the one this post is titled as, just saying 😉

  1. Teeny Bikini says:

    Yup, dating/boys are tough. There is no way around it. Even human interaction on a very innocent level can get weird – and fast. The good thing is – think of all of the cool blogs you’ll write. 🙂

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