Hands Off Boy!

Posted: March 14, 2013 in Teenage Boys..
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Okay, every single guy should know never ever, and I mean ever to force a girl to do something. It’s just not acceptable! If a girl says no, for god’s sake she means no! It doesn’t mean she’s being a tease, it means “take a hint and get lost.” Shall I demonstrate my point?

So I know this guy, a grade older than me, seems like a sweet guy, barely know him though. I mean we met in an after school program and other than that we say “hi” and “what’s up” in the hallways and stuff. Today I saw him so he stops me and we start having a general conversation.

Well, here’s the thing, we were in the middle of the hallway. It was crowded as hell and people were not happy with seeing two people just standing there talking. So call me polite but I wasn’t going to just cut off the conversation. So I say “Hey, why don’t you walk me to class and we’ll finish talking.”

We get to my class but as I’m about to go in, he grabs my wrist. Caught off guard, I ask him what’s up. He tells me to wait a minute, to go with him to the staircase for a bit.

Now, I know better than to follow a guy I barely know into an empty staircase. Plus, I had a test! So I said “um, no way, I gotta get in class”. And I was ready to go in. Except he had a hold of both of my hands and he was pulling, I mean pulling me away! He said “come on, just a minute, just a kiss”. Now hold up. Backtrack. Read that again, you did read it correctly. He barely knew me and he was trying to forcefully make a move on me??! What kind of guy is this??

At that point, I was desperate. I said to let go maybe about 20 times and I can assure you I was pulling with all my might! But he was stronger and he wouldn’t let go.

So there I was, in the middle of the hallways once again, except this time I was being almost dragged my a guy by both my wrists and even though I was clearly telling him to let go he wasn’t letting go. Can you imagine being in my place? I was two seconds away from screaming “RAPE!” It was like I was trapped. I was pulling, he was pulling, and finally, finally he lets go.

And there I land, butt first onto the middle of the hallway.

No, he didn’t help me up, in case you were wondering. Nope, how could you expect a guy that tried to drag somewhere to help you up? Not that I gave him much of a chance to anyways? I scrambled up and ignored the stares of the people and rushed into my classroom as fast as I can. You can bet your lucky stars I was shaking for the rest of that period.

Somebody needs to teach this guy how to treat a woman..


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