Insecurity Vs. People Who Want Attention

Posted: March 17, 2013 in Irritating People At School
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” Oh. My. God. I am soo fat!”

“Look at my thighs, they are huge!”

“Guys, don’t you think my butt is getting wayy too big lately??”

Ladies and gentlemen, if you think these statements are spoken from insecure girls, you all are sadly mistaken. Let’s get one thing straight: no one who’s insecure, bring’s more attention to themselves by pointing out “flaws” on their body.

Truth be told, yes, these days insecuirty is reeking in the air like rotten fish left for months. So many people are self- conscious of how they look, how they dress, how they act, their body shape- everything really. But then again, so many people out there are also very sure that they have a nice body and yet they feel the need to complain and act like its not good enough just so everyone can take another notice and reassure themselves that they are looking good. And then of course the girls will smile because they knew it the whole time.

What ticks me off, is that people mistaken the girls that know damn well they have a nice body for the girls that spend every other walking moment wondering if they are good enough. And that’s not fair. And that’s messed up. How can you act like you’re insecure just because you want more attention when there really is people that don’t believe they’re good enough? Everyone is beautiful in their own way but if you already know that then stop hunting for more compliments! I mean I get it, sometimes you can’t help it, and it’s a nice feeling to get complimented, but why pretend to insult yourself for the compliments? It’s just not worth it.

No one should be inscure and no one should act insecure for attention. Everyone’s beautiful and we should just leave it at that.


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