The Foolish Ways Of Fools

Posted: March 27, 2013 in Irritating People At School
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“Only fools go out of their way to point out the foolish ways of another fool.”

Nice quote, don’t you think? Wanna know who it was said by? Me. I was just sitting here thinking about some of the people I go to school with and the words just came to me. Pretty clever huh? Oh well, I thought so.

So what happens in English class when you discover a new quote? You interpret it, don’t you? If not, my English teacher is way off. So even though this is my quote, and I know exactly what this means, let’s analyze.

A fool (the noun) is a person who acts unwisely or imprudently; a silly person. That is the definition copied from the internet. In other words, acting stupidly or idiotic. Well that’s the non sugar-coated version basically.

Now a fool’s job is to do foolish things. And a normal person’s job is to ignore somebody else’s foolish ways and just focus on themselves. But there are quite a few people out there feel the need to be like,

“Look at that fool. Doing those foolish things like only a fool would do.”

At which I almost feel compelled to laugh and respond,

“Look at yourself fool. Pointing out the the foolish ways of a fool like only a fool would do.”

But I don’t say that. Wanna know why? Because only a fool would let a fool’s foolish ways fool them into being a fool themselves.



Now try and count how many times ‘fool’ was mentioned in this post.

I would do it myself but I have other things to do besides rereading my post about the foolish ways that fools point out the foolish ways of other fools.. and yes, this sentence counts too 😉


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