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Posted: April 2, 2013 in Blogging
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I’ve herd of blogs before. Never made one though. Never even wondered how I would make one. The thought “Hey I should make a blog” just never crossed my mind. Until an after school club teacher showed me this site. And he helped me make this blog. Set it up for me, show me the general settings. Let me go on in my own way and even threw me a few lines of encouragement to help me out. So now, here I am.

Kind of late for this, I guess, I’ve already had this blog for a a month at least and I have more than a few posts. It’s just, when my teacher showed me the ins and outs of how to create pages, categories, and tag things on my posts, he forgot one crucial thing. How to get people to really read my stuff, be interested. He forgot to tell me exactly how often to update so my readers will be interested but not get bored. He forgot to mention if I should just update whenever I want or wait until I produce a really good piece of writing.

I suppose he didn’t mention these things because he wanted me to learn for myself. How do you call it- learn from experience wasn’t it? Yeah, that’s probably what I’m supposed to do.

So now I’ve started writing. And I’ve gotten a couple of likes on the stuff I write. Very few comments, but the ones I did receive, I am very thankful for. But now I’m wondering. What sorts of things do my readers enjoy the most? I know this blog is mostly on rants and complaints. But are there some topics that are simply overused that I shouldn’t bother with because everyone complains about those kind of things? How can I improve? How can I gain more followers? More likes? More comments? More readers? I love writing and I love getting feedback. So don’t hesitate, speak your mind and let me hear your voice. Or rather- read your voice 🙂

I’m well aware this isn’t exactly a “complaint” post. But I just felt the need to write this.

  1. Welcome to WordPress!

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