Summer Days In School

Posted: April 9, 2013 in School
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So there is going to be a heat wave in New York this week. After many months of freezing weather and low temperatures, everyone’s ready for some sun. The furry jackets are going away. The flip flops and sandals are coming out. The Sun is coming up. The shades are coming down. The air conditioning is coming on. Oh yeah, and the clothes are coming off.

Haha, don’t over-read that. True, there are girls that take the time to find different, creative ways to show off as much skin as they can when just the littlest bit of summer peaks into the sky. But besides that, it is pretty nice out. And right now, it’s nice, it’s okay, everyone’s loving it.

But what’s going to happen when it starts to get even warmer and school is still open? Unfortunately the school I attend doesn’t have air conditioning. Well except for the teachers cafeteria, the teachers offices, the assistant principals office, the staffs office, and maybe a selected few classrooms. Which ultimately sucks for the students.

Sure we all love the weather outside, but no one wants to sit in a hot stuffy classroom, with no air conditioning, just itching to get home and have a nice cold shower.

And that’s why I don’t really mind going to school when its winter. We all bundle up and cover ourselves as best as we can until we get to the warmth of the building and then we are fine. But I guess there is the hassle of putting on so much stuff just to get out of your front door.

We only have a few months of school for summer weather anyways. And thank god for that. I’m sure I’ll have to find more than a few ways to keep myself cool while the heat “waves” over New York.


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