Witty Personalities

Posted: April 14, 2013 in Irritating People At School, Teenage Boys..
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She’s taller.

She’s a redhead.

She’s girly.

She does her makeup quite nicely.

She’s normal height.

She’s normal weight.

She has a great sense of style.

And you know, I don’t know her that well, but I can tell she is a nice person and all..

But a key thing she’ll never top me in: personality.

Yeah okay, call me cocky or whatever, but I think my personality is pretty damn great. Looks are ehh. How far can looks take you anyways? I mean, I don’t look bad or anything. I’m kinda short and chubby and I’ve been referred to as cute more than a few times in my lifetime.

But I don’t know about that. What I do know is that personality puts it over the top. A gorgeous girl with a bland personality is only fun to look at, not be with.

It’s very important to have a witty personality. A personality that keeps you laughing, thinking up clever jokes, and teasing each other. A personality that won’t leave you bored or be too nice to you. A personality that can diss you in such a way that you have to laugh because it wasn’t blunt it was disguised in a funny joke and you are encouraged to give one back, no hard feelings.

Yeah. That’s me. My kind of personality. I won’t be too nice to you. I won’t be too easy going. I spice it up. I keep it interesting. So forgive me if I’m sounding arrogant right now.

They do say, confidence is sexy. Don’t they? Well I don’t care what they say anyways. This is what I say: I am more interesting to be around with than her!

But whatever. Have fun with her beauty.

I could sit here and give you guys the whole background story to this. But like many of my other posts, I think you guys can figure it out. Typical high school drama that I somehow find myself tangled up in.

Moral of my post: Personality goes farther than a pretty face.

Am I boring you with these annoyed jealousy posts?

I’m not jealous though.




I just need to vent.

  1. keepyourmindset says:

    I totally understand. And Good luck (:

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