No Mom, I Don’t Dress Slutty

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Parents/Siblings
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A long day of school and to top it off, it’s Monday. No air conditioning in my wonderful castle like school. Classes dragged by and I was exhausted by the time I made it home this afternoon.

In this state, all I wanted to do was strip off my clothes, get into my Pj’s and land face down into my pillow and spend  good couple of minutes like that.

But no. Because you see, if that were to happen, I wouldn’t have something to write about on here. Or maybe I would’ve just thought of something else. Who knows.

But anyways, here’s the issue: my mom approaches.

Mother dear, love her very much, she gave birth to me, the reason I breathe, the woman who fed me and changed my diapers yada yada yah I get it. But that’s not the point right now. The point is that she made it a point to criticize my clothes!

No, I don’t mean like those girls on drama shows that tell you “Ew, you’re wearing that? Soo last season!” No, I mean she was like, “Why are dressing in such tight clothes these days? Are turning into the slutty girls of this generation?”

>.< No. Just, no.

I was wearing skinny jeans! Not even skinny skinny jeans. Normal skinny jeans. Probably could even pass for straight legs. Is it my fault my thighs fill them up so much? (Okay yeah, maybe it is but that’s because I don’t watch what I eat and not because I’m slutty.)

It’s just- ugh. Tired. It’s Monday. Long stuffy day at school. Not in the mood to be called out by my mom. And hello, if a girl has curves, how the hell is she supposed to hide them? The logic of that is beyond me.

Well she left me alone after that. And I guess I got over it. I just changed and started on my homework, the whole thinking, “Maybe this could be what I’ll write about in my blog today.”

So yeah, there you go 🙂


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