A Few Key Things About Me

Posted: April 24, 2013 in Me, Myself, and I
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They say some people know you better than you know yourself.

Now that’s cute and all, but wouldn’t you want to find something about yourself before someone else does?

Good or bad, I wouldn’t want a random person to figure something out about me that I didn’t know myself.

So I try to know myself. Learn stuff that I do, ways I act, how my own personality is basically. You might call it analyzing myself. So here’s what I know about me:

1. I notice a lot of things. Like little things, common things that other people don’t notice. I don’t mean I could be a detective or something, master of “spot the difference” (though I do kick-butt in those spot the difference pictures). But I mean noticing key elements in other people’s personalities. Things that people say or do to avoid a subject. What gets to them, what makes them flinch. I notice when someone doesn’t particularly like a person and is trying their best not to show it. I notice when someone has a crush on someone but is trying to deny it even to themselves that they do. I notice when people rearrange their personality to suit the people they are talking to. When people act a certain way to attract attention to themselves. Somehow, I turn everyday life into one of my AP English literature books and I analyze everything. It might be weird, but it comes in handy and it’s amusing at times.

2. I’m nice 90% of the time and that 10% that I get mean, it’s either by accident, I meant it as a joke, or my jokes went too far. And the thing about when I get mean is that I probably feel 10 times worse as the person I was mean to. I mean seriously, I already said it, and being me, I always apologize soon enough if I realize I did or said something wrong, and its not like I can take back the words that already came out of my mouth, but no, I still feel so bad. For the rest of that day, the moment would replay in my head and torment me until I just want to turn back the hands of the clock and fix my mistakes. Which is kind of aggravating, because I’m usually nice, and people should be allowed to make mistakes, and the people around me know I’m nice, when I’m mean they know I didn’t mean it so it’s probably okay but I still end up beating myself up over it.

3. I love to joke around. Which can be a problem, depending on how you look at it. With #2, me being nice, usually people know that I’m joking. But sometimes it can get annoying, too constant you know? I have to stop myself and hold myself back sometimes. But I love joking around with my friends. I love playing around, having a sense humor, I just love being funny. Otherwise, life gets boring. You have to be entertaining you know? Keep the crowd laughing, or rather, yourself laughing. So I throw around jokes and “diss” my friends every once in a while. I’m never blunt or mean, I say things in a clever way where you have to step back, think it over, before realizing I had just made fun of you, haha.

4. Anyone that hurts me emotionally never gets away with it. I will always find my revenge. And I can be so cruel when that happens, it scares me. I will send indirect messages, if you can tell what that means. Like I will say things purposely to make someone realize how they’ve hurt me. I will say such things that the guilt will drive into you and slap you in the face without me having to lay a hand on you. I’m just good at those things. And I know its more harsh because it’s not direct, and its not obvious, but it relates so closely to what’s really going on, that it is pretty clear what I am trying to say. I guess some people might call it cruel. But hey, don’t hurt me then. Don’t mess with me. Don’t have anything to be guilty about concerning me. Then it’ll be fine. But hurt me once, and I’ll torture you a few times with lines that mean more than what they say and you will feel it. I can promise you that.

So yeah, those are just a few key things I have realized about my personality.

Comment below and tell me what you think of me! 🙂

  1. Sanah says:

    You and me have a lot in common. Even I’m very observant. I don’t look at them, I REALLY look at them. Not in a creepy way, of course. It just tells me a little more about them. I love kidding around with my friends. It feels good when you can make someone laugh but often they don’t take me seriously ! AND no matter how mean it sounds, I never let people who hurt me off the hook. I don’t wait for karma to teach them a lesson.

    You’re an interesting person. 🙂
    Have fun.

    • juddin97 says:

      Thank you, it is really nice to know that there is someone out there similar to me. And here I thought I was weird, haha. And I also like to notice things about people to learn more about them. And for me, sense of humor is a must. Without it, I’m sorry, you could be drop dead gorgeous but if you can’t crack a joke once or twice, or laugh at them for that matter, you are boring. And nobody has time to wait around for karma, who knows if karma will do its job. Hurt me once, and I’ll make it sting for you twice. 😀

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