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Okay, let’s back track.

I have learned to just accept the fact that I am kind of short for my age.

I mean, I’m not super short, I’m 5 feet and 2 inches tall, but it’s just not considered “normal” height I guess.

But I joke around about it and stuff, claiming that I’m ‘fun-sized’ (yeah, right).

Except today I had this concert. A school chorus concert. I’m part of the school chorus.

So obviously for the concert everyone dresses fancy. And I wore high heels.

They were not even that high, and for the record, even tall people wear heels for fancy concerts.

But my shoes were just so uncomfortable.

I mean, it was crazy, they were tight on me. I had just bought them last year!

They fit fine then! And now they have just about killed my heel.

I came home and found blisters on heel the size of Mars!

And I poked them with a safety pin (Cuz I’m stupid like that) and they popped and water came out.

And they were hurting so much during the concert.

And when I was coming back (Oh, did I say I looked nice by the way? Well I did, I was getting compliments everywhere.)

But back to my pain, my feet were hurting so much on the way back!

And I got home and my mom takes one looks and just smirks. She smirks!

And she just kinda goes, “Heels, huh? Cuz you’re short like your father?”

And I’m just tired and exhausted and I say “Well yeah.”

And she tells me that I must be dying, I shouldn’t have worn them.

And I am so tired to come up with a logical comeback to my mother that I just respond with, “Yeah, well it hurts to be pretty.”

Dumb, makes no sense, not true at all.

But hey, I was two seconds away from falling flat on my face.

Oh and have I mentioned?



So I was looking around some of the wordpress blogs and you know what I realized?

I realized there are a LOT of rant blogs.

Just stupid, bitchy, pointless rant blogs. Blogs with user’s that claim they hate life and absolutely everything about it.

And you know what? That’s my blog. My blog is supposed to of that, on going complaints and not being satisfied with anything.

The whole reason I created this thing was so I can pointlessly blab without worrying people will get annoyed.

Except sub-consciously, I am still worried. I have such a habit of keeping all of my thoughts locked up.

Never mind that this is my personal blog, that if people don’t want to read they can get off my page happily. Never mind all of that, I am just constantly worrying about not being good enough.

Which is just so ridiculously stupid.

Because this is my blog. I rant. I complain. My complaints are dumb and unreasonable? Guess what, I DON’T CARE.

Because it gets me down at the end. Not to let loose. Keeping everything locked up inside. Sometimes you just have to scream.

Sometimes you just have to type until your keyboards threaten to explode on you.

Just write pointlessly, bitchy, anger filled, or sad filled, whichever emotion that’s controlling you at the moment, and get it all out.

I don’t do that with people, I can’t really trust people like that. Plus people get tired of your stories and rants, they don’t care, and they don’t listen.

So online is where you unleash.

So yeah, I like rant blogs. Just stupid rants. About practically nothing.

They’re fun.

And refreshing.

You know what rocks about the month of June inching closer?


School is about to be out

There’s something I’m missing.. oh yeah, my birthday!

My birthday is coming up this June and I am finally turning 16 😮

How amazing is that? Sixteen, the number that I’ve dreamed about since..well, forever. And now it is so close.. so.. reality. And you know what’s funny? It is not even oh so glamorous as you grow up thinking it is.

I mean, I guess it depends on you and your family and how much you really wanna spend for one day in your lifetime. Then again, you do only turn 16 once in a lifetime.

Well I’ve decided I am having a party, not a big one though. Just a small house party with all my closest friends and family.

And I went shopping today in the city and bought a crown that says 16 on it and some other stuff like decorations and stuff to give out in the party.

You know, maybe it won’t be so sweet and big like those MTV parties. It won’t be the everyday overused SWEET 16. No, I think I’ll make it a one of a kind SALTY 16. Just to mess with people’s mind >:D I am just like that, I have to be the wacky original different one.

So maybe instead of the traditional sweet cupcakes and sugar filled cookies, I’ll just hand out salty popcorn and pretzels. Yeah, make it a “My Super Salty 16”.

I think that sounds cool. It’ll surely be a party that you won’t forget, so I’m hyped.

Well that’s the most on my mind. I’ve been out of rants lately, care to help?

If you guys have any suggestions, any little advice, or things you wanna hear my opinion on, or heck, even if you want advice, just type in a little comment below!

Just scroll a little bit. Take your mouse over the “Comment” button. And give the left side of your mouse a little click! And type in whatever you want, really 🙂 I’m open to almost anything.

The Past

Lingering in the air like the smell of a long crushed cigarette

Haunting my dreams like a ghost that won’t go away

Shaping my future as if I can’t change it

Judging me in every way possible


Do you think that I have not learned?

Do you mistake my mistakes for intentions?

Do you think I don’t feel bad enough?


No matter what my past is, only I am in control of my future.

Neither you, nor anyone can tell me how to direct my life.

I hold the pen to write the ending to my story.

I am in the driver’s seat driving my life down the path that I want it to go.

You will forever be something I leave behind and watch distantly in my rearview mirror.

Hey guys.. remember when I said I would do that fitness thing every Wednesday?

Well I’m still doing it and all, but it’s just, I didn’t do it this particular Wednesday. I promise you, I was totally going to do it. I had the sneakers, the socks, the t-shirt, and the hair tie. It’s just that, well I got a little bit distracted.

First of all, my friends were not there, they had to take a practice regents exam. And also, it is very hot right now in New York. I was sweating already just from walking through the hallway. A workout was not needed 😉

And also, in the cafeteria, they were playing Ping-Pong. I had never played Ping-Pong and today I found out why: I ultimately sucked at the game. But I guess that is because I have never played and am a newbie.

But I wanted to try it anyways. So I learned how to play, and I would love to say I caught on soon enough and didn’t make a fool out of myself. But I think lying on my personal blog would be kind of pathetic and foolish. So I’ll give you the truth: I did not catch on and I completely made a total fool of myself.

But you know what, I learned something new. So something came out of it. Maybe I didn’t work out this Wednesday. Maybe the next time this week when I look in the mirror and see a bulge of blubber I will regret it. But I will also remember how sweaty and tired I was coming off just after a Ping-Pong game- and I assure you, Ping-Pong is not thatmuch of a tiresome sport.

So the weather just wasn’t in favor. Not to mention I just wasn’t in favor.

So no freaky fitness this week I guess. At least I learned something, right? 😀



** Guys, I swear I could’ve sworn I published this yesterday, I guess it didn’t publish, really REALLY sorry about the delay

You ever seen those movies where the lead characters claim to hate each other when in reality they are in love with each other?

They spend the whole movie arguing and bickering with each other and then that miracle hits when they realize they could not live with each other.

Everyone tells them they are in love with each other but both of them deny that they would never be seen with such a person.

But everyone knows they’re just kidding around because well, that’s just them.

And even when they do finally get together, there are little fights and bickering and just teasing here and there to keep things light and funny.

But at the end of the day, with every “I Hate You” they throw at each other, they really mean “I Love You”.

Yeah. I like those kind of relationships.

In fact, I would want those kinds of relationships. Not even just as like a boyfriend, or a husband or whatever. But even with like friendships and stuff.

The ability to tease and push each other around without ever taking anything too serious just seems like so much fun.

Even with my guy friends, I will always be sure to diss them, tease them, make fun of them for something to keep it fun.

But I like to make sure that they know I’m only joking. That that’s just me. That’s just us.

I wanna be that girl that can pull of teasing you and making you laugh and making fun of you while being one of the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet.

And you know, that “I Hate You (I Love You)” relationship with a boyfriend does sound nice.

I would hate to be those mushy, sappy girlfriends that sit there going like “aww my boyfriend’s soo sweet, I love my boo-boo bear so much.”

I would be that girlfriend that sits there and goes, “Honestly? My guy just might be missing half his brain. But it’s all cool cause I love him just the way he is.”

Doesn’t that sound much more interesting?

I made fun of him, but everyone knows I don’t mean it, because I backed it up with a sweet statement.

I like that.

And I like those types of movies too.

I mentioned the AP World History Exam before, but I never really got a chance to say more about it, how it went and whatnot.

So I’ll tell you all now:

It was bad.

Just bad. Hard. Long. Boring. Annoying.

But I mean, it wasn’t unusually hard or anything, it was sort of expected. And I didn’t expect myself to do decent anyways.

The test is designed for everyone to fail, this I swear, not even an understatement.

We hardly have enough time and the multiple choice questions have us reading long historic passages and there were 3 essay’s. 3!

I don’t even care anymore, because honestly, it looks good that I took the test and the fact that I survived through an AP course at all should be great accomplishment.

Anyways, here’s the good part: It’s the past now!

That AP exam is finally well behind me and can stare at my happy butt for all I care.

Because it is over and done with! History!

I don’t particularly like history, but I like the fact that my history exam is history.

Get it? History!

Ugh, I think that test drowned out all the good jokes in me too.

Well anyways, now just have to study for the finals and all..

Should be buckets of fun.