Currently Sneezing My Brains Out..

Posted: May 2, 2013 in Blogging, Me, Myself, and I
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Hello fellow followers!

For those of you that live in New York, wasn’t it such a good day today? Yeah, spring is here and the sun is deciding to peek out over the horizon, the flowers have started to bloom and the birds have started to sing.

It’s all just wonderful. Except for one thing. We can’t have it all good now, can we?

Nope, there’s gotta be something that just spoils it. For me that is allergy season.

Now is the time when everyone is getting sick, and more importantly, I am getting sick. And I hate getting sick. Hate it.



I can’t even get up without the room deciding to go “merry-go-round” on me.

I am coughing every 2 minutes. And when I’m not coughing, I am sneezing.

And it really sucks to sneeze with a stuffy nose. And because I am sneezing every two damn seconds, my throat feels like its on fire. My lungs could just fall out this instant.

Oh yeah, did I mention the headache?

Well yeah, there’s a headache too.

It feels like a thousand mini drums are beating inside my head against my temple. Like my brain is fried and just dying to get out. And I sniffle, and that just creates even more pain.

I am sitting here at this moment, wishing I could just curl up and go to sleep.

But I can’t because life is unfair and I have a Spanish test tomorrow. And me no habla Espanol, so I’m really going to have to study.

You may ask, “But fellow blogger, you are not in good state right now and you want to go to sleep. Wouldn’t it be in your best interest to get off the internet and finish studying ASAP?”

Too which I would respond, “Fellow follower, indeed, you are very correct. However my lazy butt is using internet as a distraction. Because you know, typing up a post complaining about how sick I am is more important than passing that Spanish test..”

Yeah, I feel like total crap.

But this is me, hasta luego, I got a Spanish test to study for.


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