Posted: May 6, 2013 in School
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Wanna know whats really just puts a stinky end to your weekend?

Realizing its Sunday night. Wait, wait, let me be more specific.

Realizing that by morning time comes, it’ll be Monday.

Ugh. Monday. Nobody really likes Monday’s. Back to school for another dragging week. Back to sitting in class watching the seconds tick by knowing all too well that it’s important to be sitting here because there’s finals and stuff coming up but at the same time knowing all too well that you simply are not enjoying sitting there.

I don’t mind school. Not really. I just mind Mondays. Don’t everybody mind Mondays? It’s just like, the beginning. Makes the rest of the week look long, dull, and gray, and just so very boring.

And plus, I’m still getting better from being sick. (That would explain why my brain isn’t functioning creatively and my writing content is suckish).  I feel better but my voice is still a little hoarse. I’m still coughing every now and then. Oh yeah, and I can’t sing. Which sucks, because I love to sing. So I’m really hoping to get my voice back soon so I can bother my sister by singing all the time again.

But I still have to go to school and you know, talk to people and stuff, do my work, pay attention, blah blah blah..



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