“I Mean It This Time. I Really Like Her.”

Posted: May 7, 2013 in Our Society Itself.., Teenage Boys..
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So I think we all know those type of guys that claim they are so into a girl before trailing around another girl only a week or two later and claiming the same about her.

Those types are quite popular throughout high school these days. They never spend too long on one girl and thought it can be a good thing not to get attached and stuff, sometimes you have to wonder, “Did you really even like her? Or were you just fishing?”

And then don’t you have to consider the feelings of the girl? Do guys know that the girls realize when the guys just loose interest and decide to drop them like a rotten fish?

And the irony is that when the guy likes the first girl, he usually says, “I really like her, yes, I’m going after her, blah blah blah.”

And then he see’s the next pretty thing in a skirt walking by and it’s suddenly, “Ooh, I want that one now.”

Forget that he was crazy about the girl before. The next thing is here.

Hello! Girl’s aren’t iphone generations. You don’t just ditch the old one when the new one comes out! (Well unless your old one broke or something and the new one has a nice deal and stuff.. well lets back on topic here.)

So I’m thinking I should say how in the world this relates to me. I mean so many times I just argue well known concepts of society and stuff and I don’t share the personal details.

So there was this guy. Is this guy. Um let’s call him ***

Just because, I like stars. Yeah.

Well anyways, he likes this girl, let’s call her Girl #3.

You’ll find out why soon.

So *** and Girl #3, I see them together a lot these days. They’re both tall, he’s strong, she’s skinny. And she’s always in his arms. No, I mean it literally. He’s always carrying her. Like bridal carry. So okay, I guess they really like each other.

But wait.


Not more than two weeks ago, there was another girl. Let’s call her.. hm Girl #2 works.

So Girl #2 was a distant friend of mine. *** really liked her. I mean, everyone knew about it too. And she was very pretty. Sweet girl. But she didn’t exactly like him back. But it doesn’t matter anyhow, he still talked to her. You know, cuz he really liked her. And know, he all of a sudden is head over heels for Girl #3? Interesting.

So I suppose I should get to Girl #1. Here’s the thing: Girl #1 had a boyfriend.


But he liked her. For a while too. Wouldn’t admit it too much, would just talk about her, talk to her, spin her around, and flirt like there’s no tomorrow.

But yeah, that wasn’t long before Girl #2.

It’s just, kind of mind- blogging that someone would be that desperate to be jumping from girl after girl.

It really just disgusts me. And to think I actually feelings for that ***.

But let’s not talk about that right now. Never goin back there.


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