Low Pants And Vivid Boxers

Posted: May 8, 2013 in Our Society Itself.., Teenage Boys..
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As a reader of my blog, you all should know that I am a romantic. I don’t expect it in real life actually, because I’m known to be realistic also, but I like the idea of romance. Romantic Vs. Reality, I have both, kind of an odd combo.

But anyways. By being a romantic, the genre I love to read books and watch movies in is romance. Is that too much of the ‘typical teenage girl’? I don’t think so, not all girls like romance and chick flick stuff. But I do. Just for entertainment anyways. I mean, it would be nice for it to be like the movies in real life, but let’s be real here.

Now, I don’t read those ancient romance stories. There are no pirates, no princess’s, no running away on sea or anything. It’s mostly modern stuff. I have read about girl dreaming and ranting about how amazing the guy is. They sit there drooling and say, “Oh my god, he’s got the prettiest eyes, he’s so sweet, he’s funny, he has a nice sense of style.. ” etc. But never have I ever read or heard a girl sit there thinking or saying, “Oh my god, I love that color of boxer on him, totally classy to be showing it off.”

Like I said, I’m not into ancient stuff, I’m into modern stuff. Modern guys wear there pants low and call that cool. The term, I believe, is “sagging”. Sounds like something that happens to old peoples bodies so I don’t really see how that’s supposed to be attractive. But there are so many interesting points to sagging.

1. You might say their pants are simply loose on them and hang low. But no, they have a belt. They even use the belt. The use the belt to hold the pants up.. at their knees. So the use of belt is obviously being abused here.

2. Sometimes their pants are actually short too. Guys need to have their pants extremely baggy. That includes having it scrunch up by a lot at the bottom of their legs. Sometimes in order to do that they need to wear them low. Cuz you know, otherwise it might look like they’re wearing pants that actually match their size.. and that would be so bad.

3. They feel the need to show of the color. If you’ve noticed, guys don’t care about what type of jeans they are wearing. They wear them low, with a belt, and show of their boxers. But they usually make sure the color stands out. It’s usually either red or blue. Mostly red. I have no idea why.

But you have to stop and think, why are the guys wearing their pants like this? Do they think its attractive? Girls don’t want to see the color of their underwear. Well not in public, at least. So who are they trying to impress? Each other? If so, using the vivid colors and patterns of your boxers is a sad attempt to get the attention of another guy.


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