History Exam Is History

Posted: May 19, 2013 in Our Society Itself..
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I mentioned the AP World History Exam before, but I never really got a chance to say more about it, how it went and whatnot.

So I’ll tell you all now:

It was bad.

Just bad. Hard. Long. Boring. Annoying.

But I mean, it wasn’t unusually hard or anything, it was sort of expected. And I didn’t expect myself to do decent anyways.

The test is designed for everyone to fail, this I swear, not even an understatement.

We hardly have enough time and the multiple choice questions have us reading long historic passages and there were 3 essay’s. 3!

I don’t even care anymore, because honestly, it looks good that I took the test and the fact that I survived through an AP course at all should be great accomplishment.

Anyways, here’s the good part: It’s the past now!

That AP exam is finally well behind me and can stare at my happy butt for all I care.

Because it is over and done with! History!

I don’t particularly like history, but I like the fact that my history exam is history.

Get it? History!

Ugh, I think that test drowned out all the good jokes in me too.

Well anyways, now just have to study for the finals and all..

Should be buckets of fun.


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