Freaky Fitness #3 (The One That Never Happened)

Posted: May 24, 2013 in Health/Fitness
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Hey guys.. remember when I said I would do that fitness thing every Wednesday?

Well I’m still doing it and all, but it’s just, I didn’t do it this particular Wednesday. I promise you, I was totally going to do it. I had the sneakers, the socks, the t-shirt, and the hair tie. It’s just that, well I got a little bit distracted.

First of all, my friends were not there, they had to take a practice regents exam. And also, it is very hot right now in New York. I was sweating already just from walking through the hallway. A workout was not needed 😉

And also, in the cafeteria, they were playing Ping-Pong. I had never played Ping-Pong and today I found out why: I ultimately sucked at the game. But I guess that is because I have never played and am a newbie.

But I wanted to try it anyways. So I learned how to play, and I would love to say I caught on soon enough and didn’t make a fool out of myself. But I think lying on my personal blog would be kind of pathetic and foolish. So I’ll give you the truth: I did not catch on and I completely made a total fool of myself.

But you know what, I learned something new. So something came out of it. Maybe I didn’t work out this Wednesday. Maybe the next time this week when I look in the mirror and see a bulge of blubber I will regret it. But I will also remember how sweaty and tired I was coming off just after a Ping-Pong game- and I assure you, Ping-Pong is not thatmuch of a tiresome sport.

So the weather just wasn’t in favor. Not to mention I just wasn’t in favor.

So no freaky fitness this week I guess. At least I learned something, right? 😀



** Guys, I swear I could’ve sworn I published this yesterday, I guess it didn’t publish, really REALLY sorry about the delay


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