Posted: May 29, 2013 in Blogging, Me, Myself, and I, Stupid Rants
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So I was looking around some of the wordpress blogs and you know what I realized?

I realized there are a LOT of rant blogs.

Just stupid, bitchy, pointless rant blogs. Blogs with user’s that claim they hate life and absolutely everything about it.

And you know what? That’s my blog. My blog is supposed to of that, on going complaints and not being satisfied with anything.

The whole reason I created this thing was so I can pointlessly blab without worrying people will get annoyed.

Except sub-consciously, I am still worried. I have such a habit of keeping all of my thoughts locked up.

Never mind that this is my personal blog, that if people don’t want to read they can get off my page happily. Never mind all of that, I am just constantly worrying about not being good enough.

Which is just so ridiculously stupid.

Because this is my blog. I rant. I complain. My complaints are dumb and unreasonable? Guess what, I DON’T CARE.

Because it gets me down at the end. Not to let loose. Keeping everything locked up inside. Sometimes you just have to scream.

Sometimes you just have to type until your keyboards threaten to explode on you.

Just write pointlessly, bitchy, anger filled, or sad filled, whichever emotion that’s controlling you at the moment, and get it all out.

I don’t do that with people, I can’t really trust people like that. Plus people get tired of your stories and rants, they don’t care, and they don’t listen.

So online is where you unleash.

So yeah, I like rant blogs. Just stupid rants. About practically nothing.

They’re fun.

And refreshing.

  1. Har+new says:

    Why do you like rant blogs?

  2. Har+new says:

    As long as there’s humor in it and the rant is somewhat organized then fine. But I follow 18 blogs and none of them are rant blogs. You even said it in your post. Rants are pointless and comes off as you’re never satisfied with anything. Only reason I clicked on this post because I was curious after reading the first 2 sentences. This is YOUR blog so write whatever you feel but blogs like this are not on my must reads. I like creativity and concepts.

    • juddin97 says:

      I know, that’s true, they are pointless. And you’re right, blog posts should be organized while being creative. But I don’t intend to rant all the time about useless stuff. After I get it out of my system, there are non-pointless stuff on my mind too. Thank you for the advice by the way šŸ™‚

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