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You know what I seriously do not like about summer.

The frizziness!

All the humidity.

I mean, sunny, blazing hot, fine, whatever, at least maybe I could squeeze out a few measly pounds.

But humidity? That is a girl’s worst nightmare!

(Well next to the other “A Girl’s Worst Nightmare!” that you may have read about in my previous blog.)

But seriously! Nightmare!

Okay, except for the girls with silky naturally slim and sleek hair that doesn’t move an inch out of place and stays flat and pretty no matter what the weather.

But we’re talking about the girls with thick hair that actually only look at the weather updates just to check if they can leave their hair out.

Girl’s with hair like mine.

I won’t lie, sometimes my hair looks pretty good.

Like in the middle of winter or fall. When I straighten it and it stays flat and silky and sleek. Or if I leave it curly, and it cascades into pretty nice and gentle waves.

But summer? Oh, I can forget doing my hair then!

It poofs up. I straighten it- it gets twice as big and gets wavy near the scalp. Then little stray flyaway pieces of hair shoot out everywhere like tiny soldiers ready to battle with the humidity and ultimately- FAILING.

Oh and if I don’t straighten it- if I even THINK about leaving it curly it will just go wild, unruly, untamed, sprouting in all different directions, looking dry, oh yeah and tangled.

I hate tangled hair.

Sure, it reminds me of the movie “Tangled”

which was actually a cute movie, but I prefer my hair untangled, thank you very much.

Ugh, I don’t think its possible for my hair to look decent this summer.

Anybody got a cap?


Guess what greeted me this morning?



That’s right. Blood. And death cramps. And a sickening wet sticky feel between my legs.

Sorry, too much info? Too bad.

I have a right to be on a cranky mood.

Okay, actually I don’t. Getting your period doesn’t mean you can lash out and act however you want just because you’ve got some bleeding down there. And I hate it when girls use that excuse to take advantage of people.

So it’s best not to contradict myself.

But seriously, this is not a fun thing to wake up to.

My stomach hurts and all I feel like doing is curling up on my bed and declaring the day off and sleeping it off.

And you know, I heard woman GAIN weight during their period.

Something about water weight making you feel bloated and actually gain almost 5 pounds.

Did you read that? 5 POUNDS!! WITHIN ONE WEEK.

That is just cruel and unusual punishment.

And that is so annoying when I want to LOOSE weight.

But I don’t know, maybe if I manage to drink A LOT of water, I can loose the water weight after my period is over.

Yeah, while I am practically dying of cramps and cuddling with food because of random cravings.

Ughh, I picked the wrong morning to be a girl man.


So here’s the story:

This morning when I woke up, my first thought was “It’s the first day of summer.” I should have something excited planned right? Or at least a plan to sit with a huge bowl of ice cream and watch reality tv shows for a couple hours straight?


Wrong. My first plan was to go get some tissue’s and clean up my snot filled nose.

Would you believe it, I got a runny nose on the first day of summer vacation? Well I guess it makes sense since I kept the AC running all night (hey, it was hot).

But around the afternoon, I decided to take a trip to the library. Is that weird, that I want to spend my first day of vacation at a library? I don’t know, call me weird, but I like to spend time at the library.

Well who would dress up to go to the library? No one. I guess. But most people would make sure they look okay in case they bump into someone.

But no, I just assumed I live alone in this world and the people I see in school don’t exist anywhere else.

So I went out with my bummy look.

My over sized, baggiest jeans- seriously, I think you could stuff and elephant in there. My short sleeved, also fairly baggy, t-shirt that I bought years ago. And lastly to top it all off, a rat’s nest of a hair-do stuffed into a bun at the back of my head held together with one chopstick sticking through it.

Oh-so attractive, right?

But who cares? I was just going to the library. Not like anyone was going to see me.


Just when I least suspected it, when I was walking distracted, with my head down, I bump into him. Not a significant him I guess, or rather, I’ve doing everything I can so he isn’t a rather significant him. But who him is doesn;t even make a difference.

The point is, I just kind of looked at him, failed to say hi, out of embarrassment, even though he was looking at me.

And he just asks what I’m doing there. I tell him. I ask him the same, considering I know for a fact he lives a couple blocks away (not because I’m a stalker but because he told me, mind you) and he tells me he just came to pick up something from the post office (well duh).

And then we just kind of stand there awkwardly. He offers me a sip of his drink. I don’t even know what drink it was, I didn’t look at it at all, just stared ahead and refused. He asked what was wrong and I quickly said nothing. A few awkward seconds later, I mumbled a goodbye and headed off in a separate direction.

I don’t even know why I was so freaked out.

Happens to everybody.

I think from now on, every time I leave the house, I will double check my appearance.

Well there you go.

Last day of school.

Over and done with.

With two months of summer vacation awaiting us.

You know, I remember when I had last days of schools in elementary and middle schools.

Even if we knew we were all going to see each other in September, we would still share our “Have a great summer” and “I’m going to miss you so much” lines.

It was like tradition, custom, just something you did at the last day of school to finish off the year.

But the funny thing is, in high school we don’t do that.

Today, after our last day of school (half-day) me and my friends went to the mall to hang out and spend some quality time together before break.

However, when we went there everybody sort of split up.

I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but we somehow split up into groups of two’s and three’s.

Given, we did end up meeting up together and leaving together.

But on the way home, everyone just kind of left and got off at their own stop.

Saying the usual bye’s, like it was another school day and we would see each other again the next day.

But we wouldn’t, we won’t see each other until two months later, a whole tanning, hot, sizzling, summer vacation later.

Doesn’t that deserve a little “Have a nice summer!” if not “I’ll miss you”.

Well whatever, I said “Have a nice summer to my friends.”

As for the miss you part, well they are obviously not into that so I guess I’ll let it go.

Besides, who knows if I’ll really miss them anyway, that’s a whole lot of ‘people problems’ that I don’t have to deal with for two months.

They say that out of all your years in high school, your junior year is most important.

And by ‘they’, I mean all teachers and parents and most students.

Heck by now even if you asked the stray dog next door which year of high school was most important, he’d probably bark out a “Woof woof, Junior year of course.”

Okay, that was really bad but you can’t expect to hear good jokes from me when I’m over thinking things.

So I got my final scores for my regents.

I screwed up on Chemistry, failed it, but I couldn’t care less and I’m just going to retake it.

The Trigonometry regents, however, I did really good.

I got a 94 out of 100. That means I probably only made a few careless errors.

That also means that since I received higher than a 90 on the regents, I get to skip Pre-Calculus next year and go right onto AP Calculus for my Junior year.

That also means I have nothing to take for a math class during my senior year.

And that’s great. That’s really really great.

Except that all my friends, the ones that I still and will always believe are so smart, got a decent grade on this exam, but less than 90’s.

They were so close to a 90, just a few points away, but they didn’t make it.

Somehow, I got into the 90’s range, and they’re going where they’re supposed to go and I’m going one step ahead with all the smart kids.

Which means I’m going to be taking math class without my friends next year.

I don’t know if I can handle that.

For one thing, I truly believe that it was my friends that helped me throughout this year, even if I ended up doing better than them.

They were there for me and we were study buddy’s.

Next year, when I’m suffering and dying and about to shoot all my homework and test scores, I won’t be able to turn to them for help because they’ll be taking a lower class from me.

Plus, that’s like 4 AP classes for me next year.

AP Calculus

AP US History

AP English

and AP Biology

And on top of that I need to keep up my GPA because for colleges, the junior year GPA count’s the most!

I feel like I should just go for it, headfirst, get as far as possible without looking back.

But I also know it’s going to be a hell of a journey and I might just loose some of my hair while trying to get through it.

A couple of months go, a guy rejected me after weeks of flirting with me and dropping endless hints.

Well, I wouldn’t say rejected exactly, just that I liked him and decided to clue him in about that and set me straight letting me know that the past flirty signs he’d been giving were nothing, just harmless little friendly things.

So I let it go, it took some time, but I got over it. And we were friends this whole time, except the time when I got annoyed at him or when I realized some bad things about him that I hadn’t cared to notice before.

And today, well I don’t know what to say, we were friends just like we’ve been for the last four or five months.

And out of nowhere, he just decides to start slipping moves on me.

Why? Gee, I don’t know, did his other options bail on him?

Did he realize that all those other girls weren’t as much fun and weren’t going to stick around?

Or maybe, maybe, and I’m just shooting out ideas here, maybe he thinks he can just play a harmless little flirting game with me.

Maybe its his sick idea of messing with my head because he’s bored.

Well I’ve got something to tell you, bud: “I’m not feeling it!”

Yeah that’s right, I don’t feel it and he can’t get into my head because the feeling  just isn’t there.

Just a couple months ago, I felt butterflies fluttering around me stomach when his hands came near my face or my waist.

Now if he’s simply breathing too close, I feel a different feeling in my stomach.

And sick twisted uncomfortable feeling. A feeling that tells me that I know exactly what he’s up to and it’s just a little too late because I’m not interested anymore!

And he just came on strong out of nowhere, finding any and every excuse to call me cute or adorable, pinching my cheeks, squeezing my stomach, touching my waist, anything!

And I promise you, I didn’t give him encouragements.

I stayed friendly- as much friendly as a friend should stay.

And when he came too close I backed away.

I don’t get if he actually thinks he’s getting somewhere with this. Because he’s not.

I’m a romantic faithful fantasy happy ending kind of girl. I can’t put with his moving- on- and- flirting- with- the- next- girl- when- he- gets- bored- ways.

I only wanted to be his friend after everything happened.

Even with his flaws, his phony acts, the things I don’t like about him, I accept that there’s always going to be some things I don’t like about everybody.

But I wanted to be his close friend, always have and always will, I think.

But he always wants to get into my head, mess everything up, and walk away without cleaning up the mess he made.

You know, sometime I sit there and wonder why I don’t get more hits and likes on my posts. I frown and read over my published posts and reread those rare comments that I get. Then I go over to my reader to explore some posts from other bloggers.

And some writers, and photographers, on wordpress are really quite amazing. They grab the reader, me, and let them into their world, captivating them with their words. And I think that I get it now, that I will come over to my blog and write up something like that.

Some huge well thought out article with lots of interesting stuff in it that makes my readers nod and think, “This is worth liking or commenting on.”

And some blogs I am strongly attracted to it solely based on the way the blog looks. The theme, the number of widgets, the pictures, the visuals, the layout.

And I think, “Yes, I will go over to my blog, do some research on the ins and outs of customizing, and I will make my blog look amazing.”

Except when I finally I get to my blog with all these great desires to improve my blog, I kinda just sit there and go, “Ugh, maybe I’ll just leave it, only write in it when I want and not bother with who reads it or comments.”

Can I get any lazier?

I want to make my blog look cool. I want to write amazing things.

Except I need to learn and tech myself.

And that’s work. Like, almost like school.


Can you spell lazy?