Teens Require Independence

Posted: June 11, 2013 in Parents/Siblings
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So I’m almost sixteen. And you know what that means? That means I am qualified for a part-time job.

Ever since I was 14 I was itching to get a part-time job, a way to get my own money, a way to stop bugging my parents for cash.

But every place has always told me “Only sixteen and up” with that bored -you’re too young for me to even talk to you- voice.

And I always told myself: Sixteen, then I can be free, independent.

And you know, just yesterday I had found a retail clothing store that was willing to hire teenagers. I told them I was sixteen because I basically was (only 3 days to go) and they said sure.

And my mom was okay with it. And it was close enough to home that I could walk.

Everything would just fall into place- or so you would think.

Just one obstacle: My Dad.

I’m the first child. It’s always going to be hardest for me to get anything out of my parents. And everyone knows it is dads that are reluctant to let go of daughters because they have the illusion that their daughter are still the little girl they fed as a toddler.

Well guess what: I am not that girl anymore. Life goes on, I GREW UP.

And his argument: I am too young.

Hello, in case you haven’t noticed, I finally meet the requirements, I am finally NOT too young.

Next point: It’s near home, so local neighboring people will see, people that know my father, and it will look bad.

Why? Because they will go to my father and be like “Wow, you put your daughter to work already?”

Because that looks so bad, so poor, to put your daughter to work at such an early age. Because maybe that looks like your family doesn’t have enough money to support your teenage daughter.

Never mind that she is a teenage girl just looking for independence.

Never mind that this is just some extra cash for her daily expenses, not for the flippin family income!

Never mind all that, let’s all just care about the reputation.

Well that’s not fair.

I can’t work there because its too close?

That’s ridiculous! Where am I supposed to go to find a job?

How am I supposed to get there everyday?

Why should I have to hide the fact that I’m working?

Why is it such a shame?

Why can’t other people mind their own business?

Why can’t they understand?

It’s unfair. And I am sick of being locked up and being a puppet acting on this show called my life.


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