Posted: June 18, 2013 in Blogging, Parents/Siblings
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Okay so I feel absolutely terrible for neglecting this blog since- I don’t even know how long. But fellow readers, fear not, I have my reasons.

First of all I would like to announce that I AM FINALLY FINALLY 16 YEARS OLD.

So yes, I had a big party on Saturday, enjoyed it with all my friends and family, lots of presents, lots of fun.

It was like a dream come true, because to be honest, a sweet 16 was something I had been thinking about since I was a child, it was like a dream.

So it goes without saying that there was a lot of preparation for this party so Thursday and Friday was dedicated mostly to confirming last minute invites, checking food, decorating the house, deciding on my makeup and hair and all that stuff.

So that definitely took out my time, also Saturday itself when I was partying and eating with my friends until midnight.

And would you believe my luck, my trigonometry regents test were on Friday- that’s right- the day RIGHT before the party. So on top of all the party planning, I had to study. If my grade was not good, and my mom was the least bit suspicious that it the party affected it negatively, she would have steam coming out of ears.

So I studied my butt off and hey, you know  what, I actually think I did okay. I wouldn’t want to say pretty good because I don’t want to jinx it (believe me, it happened last year, it is possible) but you know then again math is considerably one of my stronger subjects (careful there, doesn’t mean I’m some kind of math genius now).

Oh and plus, today was my chemistry regents test.

Yeah. A HUGE contrast to my trigonometry regents test..

Science has always been my worst subject, and I never particularly had an interest in it.

I honestly can’t say that I’m positive I passed, forget getting a decent grade, I’m not even sure I answered enough questions that if I were to get every single one right, I passed.

But luckily for me, worst happens for worst, I can always retake it in January.

So I’m actually kind of fine about it.

But my mom isn’t. Mother’s never tend to be anyways.

I’m just glad all my duties for the whole year is over. Now I can somewhat relax before summer really kicks off and the heat gets to me.

But now all my tests are over. Except this summer, I have to study for SAT’s..

But that shouldn’t be too bad.

So yeah, there’s my valid excuse 🙂


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