The Wonder Of Blog Posts

Posted: June 22, 2013 in Blogging
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Do you ever get to writing a post and think “Wow, I can already imagine all my readers loving this post, I certainly love it”?

While logging back on, thinking, “There’s probably going to be notifications of lots of people liking and/or commenting on my blog?”

And then you log on to find one or two people liked your posts?

That happens to me sometimes.

And then there’s the opposite case.

Writing a post that you just come up with at the moment, don’t bother to read over, edit or anything, just throwing it out there.

And as you hit ‘Publish’, thinking, “Well I got lazy so this post is kind of dull and not going to receive any likes, oh wells, I’ll just make sure to write up a better post later”?

And then a few hours later when you decide you’ll update your blog again since your last post probably killed it -in a bad way- and you log back on only to see that orange star up top shining bright.

And you click on it to find all these strangers that you never saw on your blog liking, commenting, following, just loving your blog basically.

And wordpress gives you a little “Congratulations!” for beating your own record at follows.

And you’re sitting there thinking, “Wow, I really did not think this post would get this many hits..”

And you feel good.

Until you write a post that you take time on and pour your heart out only to find that nobody cares..

So obviously I am still not used to the world of blogging.

Go figure.


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