5 Reasons Why Staying At Home With My Family Isn’t My Idea Of Summer Vacation

Posted: June 23, 2013 in Parents/Siblings
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One would think, “It’s summer vacation! Time to spend quality times with family!” Except if that one is me, they would think, “Oh no.”

Family isn’t that bad- really, they are your flesh and blood. But spending all day every day with them can be tiring.

Summer’s barely started, I’ve only been home for about a week and I’m already thinking I’m doomed. Here’s why:

1. My dad thinks it’s cool to invite a bunch of relatives and go hang out in public places where I can possibly bump into people I actually know from school.

Seriously, I should just keep a tin can with me to put over my head.

2. My relatives will judge everything and anything about you, down to how you wear your hair and how long you can fake a smile and make ‘small talk’.

There is a time limit to how long you can keep up a smile as phony as their ‘womanly curves’.

3. My mother cares too much about what everybody else thinks of us.

She would literally take the time to dress me to make sure I am wearing something my relatives would like.

4. My little brother likes to let out a high pitched scream whenever things don’t go his way.

At eight years old, you would think he grew to be a little more mature than that- ha! Yeah right.

5. My parents usually end up arguing with each other and not making much sense whatsoever and adding to that my brother’s mood swings, well, thing’s aren’t very pretty.

And that’s why spending time with my family doesn’t spell out “Summer Vacation” for me.




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