The Highest Degree Of Laziness

Posted: June 24, 2013 in Blogging
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You know, sometime I sit there and wonder why I don’t get more hits and likes on my posts. I frown and read over my published posts and reread those rare comments that I get. Then I go over to my reader to explore some posts from other bloggers.

And some writers, and photographers, on wordpress are really quite amazing. They grab the reader, me, and let them into their world, captivating them with their words. And I think that I get it now, that I will come over to my blog and write up something like that.

Some huge well thought out article with lots of interesting stuff in it that makes my readers nod and think, “This is worth liking or commenting on.”

And some blogs I am strongly attracted to it solely based on the way the blog looks. The theme, the number of widgets, the pictures, the visuals, the layout.

And I think, “Yes, I will go over to my blog, do some research on the ins and outs of customizing, and I will make my blog look amazing.”

Except when I finally I get to my blog with all these great desires to improve my blog, I kinda just sit there and go, “Ugh, maybe I’ll just leave it, only write in it when I want and not bother with who reads it or comments.”

Can I get any lazier?

I want to make my blog look cool. I want to write amazing things.

Except I need to learn and tech myself.

And that’s work. Like, almost like school.


Can you spell lazy?


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