I Could Knock You Over With My Hair

Posted: June 30, 2013 in Stupid Rants
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You know what I seriously do not like about summer.

The frizziness!

All the humidity.

I mean, sunny, blazing hot, fine, whatever, at least maybe I could squeeze out a few measly pounds.

But humidity? That is a girl’s worst nightmare!

(Well next to the other “A Girl’s Worst Nightmare!” that you may have read about in my previous blog.)

But seriously! Nightmare!

Okay, except for the girls with silky naturally slim and sleek hair that doesn’t move an inch out of place and stays flat and pretty no matter what the weather.

But we’re talking about the girls with thick hair that actually only look at the weather updates just to check if they can leave their hair out.

Girl’s with hair like mine.

I won’t lie, sometimes my hair looks pretty good.

Like in the middle of winter or fall. When I straighten it and it stays flat and silky and sleek. Or if I leave it curly, and it cascades into pretty nice and gentle waves.

But summer? Oh, I can forget doing my hair then!

It poofs up. I straighten it- it gets twice as big and gets wavy near the scalp. Then little stray flyaway pieces of hair shoot out everywhere like tiny soldiers ready to battle with the humidity and ultimately- FAILING.

Oh and if I don’t straighten it- if I even THINK about leaving it curly it will just go wild, unruly, untamed, sprouting in all different directions, looking dry, oh yeah and tangled.

I hate tangled hair.

Sure, it reminds me of the movie “Tangled”

which was actually a cute movie, but I prefer my hair untangled, thank you very much.

Ugh, I don’t think its possible for my hair to look decent this summer.

Anybody got a cap?

  1. I wouldn’t know. I’ve lost most of mine.

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