I’m Playing Tennis! (Not Very Good Though)

Posted: July 8, 2013 in Health/Fitness, Me, Myself, and I
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I was complaining about not having a sport team to play on in high school because I ultimately suck at being active and chasing after balls that I could not care less about.

That was when I was told very nicely to,

“Get off my butt and go out there and practice some kind of sport this summer so I can refrain from making a fool of myself when trying out for a team in high school.”

Struck by inspiration, I went online and did some researching.

Well let’s cut to the chase- I found a FREE youth tennis program that had a location not too far from my house.

I jumped at the chance and today was my first day.

Can I just start out saying that I practically died?

It was a huge field and we were out on the tennis court for three hours under the blazing sun trying to hit tennis balls hard and swiftly over the net.

Did anyone else know that it is actually a tad bit harder than it looks on TV and that the raquets tend to get a tad bit heavy after holding it steady and swinging it to hit balls for a while?

No? Maybe it’s just me and my suck-y athletic abilities.

Well this goes without saying but I started out at the beginner’s group; I had only even held a raquet a few times in my life (Like I said, not very sporty).

But I think I did okay. Good for a first timer. Except for the times I missed. And swung too hard. And hit a ball directly into the net which are pretty low.

Regardless, after the long walk home, shoving some ice cream down my throat, taking a cold cold shower, and plopping down in front of the AC, I figured it’s a good thing I finally got off my butt and joined into some sports activities.

I mean, sure, I suck, but who expected anything else from me?

The important thing is, I will be active this summer, I will get a bit more fit and shed pounds this summer, I will learn a new skill, and hopefully I will be good enough to join the tennis team in school when it starts.

And I will have a sports team to put down for my high school application.

So you see, it’s all benefits for me.


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