The Media And Stereotypes

Posted: July 11, 2013 in Our Society Itself..
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I think one of the main reason’s why our society is so corrupt is because of the influence that the media has on us.

The media is filled with stereotypes and biased opinions that fill kids heads and mess with their actions.

Television, movies, magazines, even books, are filled with things are not necessarily true.

For example, why is that in movies and t.v. the popular/queen bee/ bully girl is mostly a blonde that doesn’t have the highest IQ?

Why is that the hot guy that everyone likes only has looks and is known to be as ‘dumb as a post’ yet every girl is googly-eyed over him anyways?

How come the cute nerd is only referred to as a nerd until you “look closer” and find the cuteness that was obviously invisible before?

Real life isn’t necessarily like that. And the media is causing some kids to think it is, or trying to make it like that.

Some of the most successful woman in history are blonde.

And who the hell told us to judge a person by the color of their hair anyways?

And why can’t guys have both looks and brains? Why do the smart guys have to be peered at closely to see their cuteness? Why do the hot guys have to really dumb?

That is not the way thing always are.

I happen to know guys who are obsessed with keeping their hair “chick friendly” and maintain good grades while they are at it.

And I know guys who are as dumb as a post and really aren’t that attractive either,come to think of it.

And I know blondes that would rather stay hunched over a textbook at the library then strut around with a few clones while they flip their hair and diss off anyone and everyone.

Life is not a reality tv show.

So why is it “reality tv show”?

  1. It’s like having to label one’s product as having REAL CHEESE. You’re learning! 🙂

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