Blood-sucking Is Not Very Attractive

Posted: July 18, 2013 in Our Society Itself.., Stupid Rants
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This dilemma started a few years ago, when the book, then movie, Twilight first came out, yet it is still continued to this day.

After pre-teens and and teens all over the country became hooked on Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series, suddenly other authors and movie producers all over realized that all it took was to insert a sparkling pale boy that liked go hunting for blood as a hobby.

And it was true, too.

Countless series of books and movies came out with the plot focused on the male lead trying to convince himself that his love for his human girlfriend runs too deep for him to give in to the desire to feast on her for a midnight snack, while the female lead spends the majority of the story convincing herself that her love for her creature-like boyfriend runs too deep for her to walk away from a relationship where she is categorized as food.

Is that a look of desire or hunger?

Now, you might be asking, “Fellow blogger, that’s a very interesting theory, but how do you know of this? It seems as though you are not one to read or watch these types of things.”

To which I will answer, “Believe me, fellow readers, I just know. My vampire obsessed mates have informed me plenty while I assured them that my future ideal guy will view me as his “honey” or “baby doll” or whatever else corny pet name he can come up with. Not food.

That said, why is everybody so obsessed with vampires? Not to mention, werewolves.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I would jump Taylor Lautner as quick as the next girl (Have you seen him? Though he is getting a tad bit too old for me)

But seriously, a boyfriend who growls and has a short temper? It’s cute and all when guys get jealous, but not so cute when they would attack and try to take a bite out of a guy for flirting with you!

I got that bit from Wizards Of Waverly Place a while ago back when Alex was going out with a werewolf and Justin was going out with a -you guessed it- a vampire.

Vampires and werewolves were cute when they first came out,

but honestly? Blood-suckers and growlers are so overrated.


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