Lost In The Romance Of Books

Posted: July 23, 2013 in Me, Myself, and I, Reading/Writing
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During summer break, some people like to travel. Maybe to another country, an exotic new place, or an island, or even visit their relatives a few states away.

Some teenage girls might be using this as a quality time to hang out with friends or get up close and personal with that boyfriend that’s been busy during the school year, maybe even hitch up a new guy just for a ‘summer fling’.

Me? I have my frizzy head buried in book after book, letting the words of a parallel lives with happy endings whisk me away until way after midnight.

And I don’t read just any books. I read romance.

I have been obsessed with romance books since, I don’t even know when.

I think it started with short love stories online.

But there’s just something so captivating about being able to pretend you’re the main girl in the story, barely being able to resist the flirtatious hot guy that’s been sending you cheesy winks and corny lines.

The frustration you feel when a character messes up in telling their partner how they really feel or when they don’t try hard enough for love because they think other things are important.

In real life, when it comes to situations like “what I choose, my head or my heart”, I’m the girl that will tell you heads.

Because a) this is high school, these guys will move on most likely, and b) your heart doesn’t have a brain duhhh

So my friends see me as a negative when it comes to that (I call it being realistic)

But when I’m lost in my love stories, nothing else matters. The characters are destined to be and whatever stands in their way, they can work around because no matter what, in the very end, love conquers all.

Key word: love. My books have love. The guys in this lifetime don’t.

And so I let myself enjoy the romance from these books, aware how pathetic it is that I use it to replace my own non-existent love life.

But you know what, I don’t care.

Because reading about love so caring and tender makes me believe that I can wait, I can wait till I’m older to find a guy that has the same wits as me, loves me, and, well, can keep up with my comebacks ๐Ÿ˜‰

So I don’t need to waste time on these guys just because I want a cuddle buddy.

I have my novels to cuddle with ๐Ÿ˜€


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