An Update

Posted: July 28, 2013 in Blogging, Me, Myself, and I, Parents/Siblings
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Do you guys remember my last post? I said I was lost in the romance of books.

You probably don’t remember, but that’s okay, it’s not too important.

The point- it’s the reason I haven’t been on here lately.

Which is really kind of a very pathetic excuse.

You would think that it’s now, when school is closed and I’m just lounging around with a kick-back schedule would be when I would have plenty of time to update my blog.

But no- my mind is really weird. When I’m busy is when I actually seem to be able to get things done.

In the midst of the school year, waking up early to go to school, coming back late from after-school programs, running home to shower and complete my home work, and studying and keeping my grades up, it all sets me into motion. Because I’m already on the run, I decide to make time and update my blog or finish that short story I had begun or look up for scholarships.

Because I know time is scarce, I make the time to do everything.

Now that time is waiting around in my hands I find I’d rather just enjoy it than use it as an advantage to get ahead before everything speeds up again.

Ridiculous- I know.

But these days all I seem to be doing is rolling out of bed at noon, heating up some cup noodles, and curling up with one of my romance novels either online or the book itself.

And it’s nice. It’s really nice.

I’ve even let go of my diet. I just eat whenever I like- which is beginning to be frequently now.

I just ¬†decided that I’ll diet and continue working out when school opens again- when I’ll be busy in the midst of everything to think about food anyways.

So you can say that I am literally taking a break from everything.

Except for family. In fact, I think I’m getting way too much family time these days.

My mother’s annoying me these days much more often. Then again, she hangs out with me a lot now- again- way too often.

The more we hang out the weirder she gets, the more I shudder from the thought I may actually be turning into her, and the more we get into little fights that irritate me.

And I’ve got a family vacation coming up too, in two weeks actually. A whole week touring Maryland. With a four hour car rides to get there and back. With my siblings. And my mother. And my father. And just generally all of them combined. And me having to be with them the whole. entire. time.

Gee, well that should be loads of fun.

So yeah the relaxing part of my summer is actually slowly coming to an end since I’m guessing after the Maryland trip, things will be all hype from back to school stuff.



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