The Way (Not) To A Girl’s Heart

Posted: July 30, 2013 in Our Society Itself..
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Don’t ask why, but I personally know A LOT of corny pick-up lines.

You had to ask why.

Fine, I’ll tell you.

It’s because once I had a guy friend who was flirty and lived for this kind of stuff and we would break nights sending each other corny pick-up lines to see who could out do each other.

Obviously along the line, chemistry formed and then obviously, being that it was my love life, it all crashed and burned.

But that was a long time ago and it’s a long story I’d rather not go back to.


The pick-up lines have stuck on me and I always crack a few to get my friends chuckling every now and then.

Well today is the day I am going to share some of my favorite corny, or dirty, pick-up lines. Enjoy.

1) I lost my teddy bear- would you sleep with me instead? (Personally, I really like this one because the idea of a teddy bear is just so frickin cute.)

2) I lost my phone number, can I have your’s instead?

3) If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put “u” and “i” together. (You would think it couldn’t get cornier than that.)

4) Did you fart? Cuz you blew me away! (That had the guys doubled over laughing.)

5) My love for you is like diarrhea- I can’t hold it in. (Cuz it’s so romantic to describe love as a pooping malfunction.)

6) Do you know karate? Cuz your body is kickin!

7) If you were a car door, I would slam you all night long.

8) Do you have a map? I keep getting lost in your eyes. (This is another one I find cute and cheesy.)

9) Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should I walk by you again? (Another of my favorites; witty and clever.)

10) If I said “you have a nice body”, would you hold it against me? (Haha, a classic Brittany Spears pick-up line.)

Well there you go, the next time you spot somebody you have your eye on, go over and talk to them. But as promising as these lines seem,

don’t use them.


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