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It was my first week of high school.

The final bell of the day had rung, leaving me free to head to the bathroom. The halls were almost empty when I had finally located the hallway that contained the bathrooms.

At this point, I really had to pee so I breezed by the first door, thinking I just passed the men’s room, then went and pushed open the second door, which I figured was the ladies room.

That is, until I spotted the urinals. I briefly wondered how this school was so weird – putting urinals in the girl’s room.

Realization finally hit me when I spotted the guy standing in front of the urinal.

The weirdest part was that he was singing- except I had obviously interrupted him and he was now staring at me with a “what the hell” face.

And that’s when common sense slapped me in the face.

I’m pretty sure my face was as red as a ripe tomato as I stumbled out- clearly not a good time to bump into another guy- one who was looking at me wondering what the hell I was doing in the men’s room.

When I finally made it into the ladies room and got all of my fluids out of me, I vowed never again to run into bathrooms without checking the signs.

Turns out that the first door that I breezed by? It was really a janitor’s closet.

Story of my life.


Okay, that headline sounds really bad.

And I would change it right now and put something else.

Except I can’t think of anything.

So here’s my dilemma: I gotta be funny.

Am I funny? I don’t know, I like to think so.

Maybe when I’m trying to be serious or cute or something else, I tend to be funny.

But when I’m trying to be funny? That’s when I’m lame, dorky, or just plain don’t make sense at all.

Annoying, right? Life is just stupid like that.

And at the moment, I sort of want to be funny.

Not particularly for this blog post, although if I do manage to achieve that, kindly let me know, but rather for a scholarship.

So I’m going to college in about two years (hopefully) and I’ve started searching for online scholarships.

And I’ve come across one that I really like because it’s really easy.

All you need to do is describe an incident in your life that would make the reader “LOL” (yes, that is in direct quotes).

Oh, and it could be fact or fiction.

So something that’s funny or embarrassing or a little bit of both.

Now, believe me when I say this, I have done A LOT of embarrassing things in my lifetime, enough that you would think that I would be embarrassed to mention them but frankly, I couldn’t care less if strangers knew how weird I am.

But the thing is, now that I actually have to think of an embarrassing thing that happened to me and present it in a funny way, my mind draws a complete blank.

Because my brain is just so completely weird like that- when I need it to work, it simply doesn’t.

Maybe writing this post was just to refresh my mind a little bit, get it going, maybe I thought that by the end of this post I would think of something.

But since I have got nothing, perhaps I need inspiration.

Feel free to comment below on any embarrassing situations life has placed you in and I will relate and give you a similar embarrassing situation.

What have I done this summer?

School is starting in about two weeks and that is seriously the one question everyone from students to teachers to guidance counselors ask you.

So what did I do?

I ate, slept, read love stories, and wasted time.

I plan so much for summer and I hardly do anything.

I never finished tennis, I had started that community to tennis thing. I barely learned the beginner’s skills before dropping it because other things came up and frankly, I just wasn’t feeling it anymore. So I gave myself a pat on the back and just dropped it.

And in the beginning of summer, I was aching for a summer job. Seriously, I thought “Finally, I’ve turned sixteen, this is my time, this is my summer, time to earn some cash!” ..Not.

The few places I actually found that didn’t require experience, (hello, how do I have experience for my first job??) I filled out applications online that I never got back.

And I also told myself,  even if I don’t get a job, the least I would do is volunteer somewhere- anywhere.

Volunteer opportunities were everywhere- and I really needed things to fill up my college application with.

The thing is, I will only actually applied to volunteer at one garden nearby. And me being lazy, I did it online. And I never got a respond back.

And I wound up not signing up on anything else because in case I did get a respond from a job or that garden volunteer thing, I wanted my schedule to have space.

And nothing.

But mind you, I did study for my SAT. A little bit. The most I can force myself to.

Between helping my mom cook (bot not really learning how to cook but just cleaning after her) I memorized and forgot vocabulary words, made careless errors in my writing, and ran out of time doing math problems.

And after everything, I took a test today only to have completely failed.

Seriously, it was such a bad score, I didn’t improve at all.

I have the essay prompt to blame, I mean there was a freakin SAT vocabulary word IN the essay prompt! How the hell was I supposed to write a 5 paragraph essay in 25 minutes when I had no idea what the hell the question was asking.

Oh yeah, and my parents fought the whole ride to the test score; something about how I’m going to find the bus to get home since they were too busy to pick me up.

Fine, I put up with that bull my whole life, so I can’t blame my parents.

Only myself.

That’s just the thing though, isn’t it?

I complain and complain, but if I really wanted to reach success, I should just reach it,

It’s all to me.


I hate this.

Totally love these pick-up lines! Wouldn’t expect them to get me a boyfriend though 😛


1. If you like water, you already like 72% of me, so we should mate.

2. If you were a ladder I’d climb all over you.

3. Baby did you fart, cause I’m blown away.

4. I usually don’t follow someone on the first night, but for you I’ll make an exception.

5. Do you work at Subway? Because you just gave me a footlong.

6. That’s a nice shirt. Can I talk you out of it?

7. I love my bed but I’d rather be in yours.

I do hope that if you’re out at a club and someone approaches you with a crazy pick up line you count to five and think – is it more cute or creepy? Some of these might have worked on me… but the others screamed potential future STALKER!


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Maybe it’s just pathetic that I’m actually admitting this online, but I feel so disappointed when I write a post that I think is decent only to find that barely anyone even looked at it.

For a while there, you think, “wow, the last couple of posts have been well liked, the blog has over 200 likes and tons of follows, I must be on a roll.”

And so you bang out another post with a smile thinking your readers will really love this one.

And you log on, expecting to see a blinking orange star or something on top with notifications, and suddenly there’s nothing.

Briefly, you wonder if you had published the post at all, maybe you had just thought of it, or written it up, but never actually hit the “Publish” button.

That’s gotta be it, right? If no one had seen the post, how could they provide any feed back?

So with a smile on your face you head over to your posts to go ahead and publish that unpublished post… only to see that it’s already published. And there’s absolutely nothing, no likes, hardly any views, just nada.

And then you sit there and go like, “Wow, guess I just got my hopes up. Maybe this was just a bad one right? Maybe you streak ended for a while.”

And you feel a little down.

But you get it out of your system by writing about it on your blog.

And you sit back to think of something you could write about that would actually get some traffic on your blog.






.. They require lots of pushing and shoving and hard work to kick out. And they are knocking on your door in the blink of an eye while you are enjoying a blissful moment with some fried chicken wings.

Aren’t they so annoying?

Pounds I mean, not lingering house guests. Although, those are very annoying too.

My fellow fitness followers, do you all remember back when a few months ago, I started writing up all this “Wednesday Workout” and exercising posts?

I’m sure I whined a lot in those posts, but you know what? During that time, I got the exercises done.

I moved my body.

I bullied myself just enough so I could become obsessed with the “Loosing Weight” articles online and the workouts by Jillian Michael.

And I did loose pounds. I don’t recall actually sharing it on here, but I did.

I think the reason I didn’t share here was because I only managed to loose about 5 pounds. And I was certain I could loose more and figured I would write a post about it once I got to my goal weight.

But then..

I saw some food I had been depriving myself for a while and thought, why not? I thought, I lost some, I think I can reward myself.

The problem with these types of rewards though, is that you don’t know when to exactly stop rewarding yourself.

At first, I was paranoid that once I ate something I really liked, I would gain back pounds right away,

To be honest, that didn’t happen. I ate, and I certainly didn’t loose pounds, but I didn’t gain either.

So I thought, well okay, maybe I should extend my little vacation from dieting.

I thought as long as I didn’t gain it back, it’s all good.

Except now I can’t even remember when I stopped all my strategies and plans all together- including weighing myself on a daily basis.

And now, wouldn’t you know it, those lingering house guests have barged right in one more time!

I gained everything back! And counting! This calls for drastic changes to go back to my ways with even fiercer methods and STICK to it!


So recently, this girl has commented on one of my posts.

And I found out that we actually have A LOT in common.

And she really opened up to me and she was so incredibly sweet.

And what’s even better is that she’s my age, so it’s  nice to relate to someone compared to the mothers, single woman, and grandpa’s that I end up finding on here.

Well anyways, I found her comment really nice, her comments are actually one of the best comments I have ever received on my blog.

Now keep in mind, I am not so popular so I don’t spend my days replying to comments, because, well, there isn’t comments to reply to.

But that fact pushed aside, her comments just made me so happy, so appreciated, and I felt like someone actually likes my blog and it’s NOT just so I could return the favor and like some stuff or follow their blog.

So I went over to her blog, and I read some of her stuff, and you know, she actually does have a kick-ass personality.

(Keep in mind that I did tell you we have a lot in common 😉

But I enjoyed reading her posts and it was nice to know that there is a blogger out there that doesn’t immediately know how to attract traffic and doesn’t immediately know what their blog will be about and have every single post polished, perfect, and on topic.

Her blog was definitely unique with her personal touch and creativity.

And you know, she’s not even a WordPress blogger, which I don’t know why, just makes everything that much cooler, because it makes me wonder how she came across my blog.

Well due to her using another website for her blog, and due to my incredible lack of experience in blogging, I can’t seem to figure out how the hell to follow her in order to keep updated with her work, and for whatever reason every time I try to comment on her stuff, and error comes up.

Anyways, I was really touched by her words and wanted to dedicate this post to her, so without further ado,

please go check out her blog:

I promise you, you won’t regret getting a peak into her thoughts because if you would’ve, I wouldn’t have written a whole post about her 😉