Awkward Disappointing Moments..

Posted: August 23, 2013 in Blogging
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Maybe it’s just pathetic that I’m actually admitting this online, but I feel so disappointed when I write a post that I think is decent only to find that barely anyone even looked at it.

For a while there, you think, “wow, the last couple of posts have been well liked, the blog has over 200 likes and tons of follows, I must be on a roll.”

And so you bang out another post with a smile thinking your readers will really love this one.

And you log on, expecting to see a blinking orange star or something on top with notifications, and suddenly there’s nothing.

Briefly, you wonder if you had published the post at all, maybe you had just thought of it, or written it up, but never actually hit the “Publish” button.

That’s gotta be it, right? If no one had seen the post, how could they provide any feed back?

So with a smile on your face you head over to your posts to go ahead and publish that unpublished post… only to see that it’s already published. And there’s absolutely nothing, no likes, hardly any views, just nada.

And then you sit there and go like, “Wow, guess I just got my hopes up. Maybe this was just a bad one right? Maybe you streak ended for a while.”

And you feel a little down.

But you get it out of your system by writing about it on your blog.

And you sit back to think of something you could write about that would actually get some traffic on your blog.






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