A Summer Of Failure?

Posted: August 26, 2013 in Me, Myself, and I, School, Stupid Rants
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What have I done this summer?

School is starting in about two weeks and that is seriously the one question everyone from students to teachers to guidance counselors ask you.

So what did I do?

I ate, slept, read love stories, and wasted time.

I plan so much for summer and I hardly do anything.

I never finished tennis, I had started that community to tennis thing. I barely learned the beginner’s skills before dropping it because other things came up and frankly, I just wasn’t feeling it anymore. So I gave myself a pat on the back and just dropped it.

And in the beginning of summer, I was aching for a summer job. Seriously, I thought “Finally, I’ve turned sixteen, this is my time, this is my summer, time to earn some cash!” ..Not.

The few places I actually found that didn’t require experience, (hello, how do I have experience for my first job??) I filled out applications online that I never got back.

And I also told myself,  even if I don’t get a job, the least I would do is volunteer somewhere- anywhere.

Volunteer opportunities were everywhere- and I really needed things to fill up my college application with.

The thing is, I will only actually applied to volunteer at one garden nearby. And me being lazy, I did it online. And I never got a respond back.

And I wound up not signing up on anything else because in case I did get a respond from a job or that garden volunteer thing, I wanted my schedule to have space.

And nothing.

But mind you, I did study for my SAT. A little bit. The most I can force myself to.

Between helping my mom cook (bot not really learning how to cook but just cleaning after her) I memorized and forgot vocabulary words, made careless errors in my writing, and ran out of time doing math problems.

And after everything, I took a test today only to have completely failed.

Seriously, it was such a bad score, I didn’t improve at all.

I have the essay prompt to blame, I mean there was a freakin SAT vocabulary word IN the essay prompt! How the hell was I supposed to write a 5 paragraph essay in 25 minutes when I had no idea what the hell the question was asking.

Oh yeah, and my parents fought the whole ride to the test score; something about how I’m going to find the bus to get home since they were too busy to pick me up.

Fine, I put up with that bull my whole life, so I can’t blame my parents.

Only myself.

That’s just the thing though, isn’t it?

I complain and complain, but if I really wanted to reach success, I should just reach it,

It’s all to me.


I hate this.

  1. Don’t beat yourself up about it! A summer of eating, sleeping, love stories and wasted time sounds pretty darn good to me. If you think of it as a break, and a time to get refreshed for the school year, you shouldn’t feel as bad. I go easier on myself in the summer because I know that I need a break from things. unless you’re some crazy super human, you {and I mean that in a general sense} tend to think you can do more than you actually can. For those of us who are lazy at heart, that’s even more so. That being said, I’m kind of glad your expectations were disappointed because that means we get another blog post! Yay! Sorry, that’s kind of evil, but also kind of true. If your life was perfect, why would you have a blog called complaints of a teenager? ❤ Angel

    • juddin97 says:

      Haha, you could not be more right! I guess that is true, summer is meant for a break.
      And god knows that with college plans in my rearview, the school year is going to be hectic.
      Maybe it’s a good thing I got all the relaxing out of my system 🙂
      Thanks! ❤

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