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The Big 1 Double 0

Posted: September 30, 2013 in Blogging
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So apparently I’ve gotten 100 follows on this blog!

Wow, I really can’t say weather I should be happy or be feeling like “about time”.

Well anyways, I am proud of myself, for keeping and updating this blog long enough to receive 100 follows.

It’s been an interesting journey, up and down, like a roller coaster.

I know I have and will get frustrated with this blog time and time again but at the end of the day, I love that I write here and I love each and every one of the readers that take the time to read my work.

With that being said, thank you for reading, and thank you for joining me on my blogging journey.


So you guys like platypus posts?

Because the last time I wrote about what a platypus smells like, I got likes- not a lot of course- but likes.

But why is it when I actually write about something that’s on my mind, it’s just nothing?

I can be funny.

I can be random.

I can make no sense at all and simply entertain you.

But sometimes I wanna talk. Express my feelings. Write about something that I feel matters.

How come I can’t do that without my blog falling completely dead?

It just sucks- it really does.

Because in a way, the online world is similar to the real world- the most real-est people don’t get enough attention.

Just let that sink in, why don’t you.


Well besides that, if you want to know what else is up in my life, I can tell you I am finally thinking about college more seriously.

Still wondering how to get through high school though.

And my friends are okay, I keep them at a minimum in my life.

So far, there’s not a lot of drama.

But I would be a fool to say it’ll be like that forever.

Until next time, when I pick up my humor and wit again.

Okay, before you jump on me saying, “Oh come on, that saying is SO last year”, I understand that I used it for a reason.

The reason is that I don’t feel the need to keep up with what’s “in” “this year”.

Oh and also I actually do like that saying ;D

But seriously.

I look around, and everyone is giving themselves up for what they think is cool or popular. And what’s funny is that people deny it too.

And they say they are just expressing themselves? No they are not, they are simply expressing what people want them to express or what would be cool to express.

In the hallways, almost every guy is wearing brands name $300-$400 Jordan shoes when half of them probably don’t even like the way those shoes look.

We’re getting snapshots of guy’s underpants just because some fool decided one day that wearing jeans at the waist was overrated.

Well you know what, doing and wearing what everyone else is overrated!

And girls.

The high-waist pants and crop tops? Looks ridiculously.

And yes, I can see you secretly tugging your top down and awkwardly walking down the hallways.

If you’re not comfortable in it, why are you in it? Because you think people will give you more respect because you are?

There are thousands of topics on trends that I could go on and on about.

But then my keyboard would probably explode. Or your eyes will. Which you want to imagine.

I’m telling you know, you don’t realize how stupid people act until you hang out with the REAL people.

People who do things because there’s a reason to, because they want to.

And you know, I actually have notes and chats and stuff saved from freshmen year.

And yeah, okay, I did talk like “yo dat’s mad kool, i ain’t eva seen nuttin like dat”

So go ahead, laugh at me, I wanted to be cool for a bit there.

Sue me.

But I admit it.

And I learned from it.

And I grew more mature from it.

And now I look back and think,

“GOD. I was so STUPID back then.”

I don’t how anybody ever took me seriously.

Then again, I don’t know if anyone ever took me seriously at all.

I have once again stopped caring about my weight by the way. We have an on and off relationship. Actually I think the main reason is that it’s getting colder and we all wear puffy jackets that make everyone look equally chubby 😀

P.S. I am very very sick due to the changing weather- which is why I couldn’t sit here and write out an actual new post, so I just reblogged an old on :/

Complaints Of A Teenager


.. They require lots of pushing and shoving and hard work to kick out. And they are knocking on your door in the blink of an eye while you are enjoying a blissful moment with some fried chicken wings.

Aren’t they so annoying?

Pounds I mean, not lingering house guests. Although, those are very annoying too.

My fellow fitness followers, do you all remember back when a few months ago, I started writing up all this “Wednesday Workout” and exercising posts?

I’m sure I whined a lot in those posts, but you know what? During that time, I got the exercises done.

I moved my body.

I bullied myself just enough so I could become obsessed with the “Loosing Weight” articles online and the workouts by Jillian Michael.

And I did loose pounds. I don’t recall actually sharing it on here, but I did.

I think the reason…

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After an afternoon in the city, I finally come home and claim the bathroom to myself.

I peel off my clothes and get the water running.

When the water is just right, I step in.

And the light goes out.

It’s a scene straight out of a horror movie, don’t you think?

I turn off the water and grab my towel, bracing myself for the scary monster about to pull back the curtain with an evil grin and a shiny knife in his hand.. when there’s a soft knock on my door.

Well crap, I’m pretty sure anyone at that point would be ready to pee their pants if they were in my place.

Then again, I wasn’t wearing any pants.

“Your dad turned off the light switch for something, just finish showering,” I hear my mom tell me through the door.

My dad. Who was putting in a new light bulb in the basement and needed to turn off the light switch to do it. Who had the most perfect timing of course.

“Okay,” I call out to my mom. I blink and wait as my eyes adjust to the dark.

Well what was I supposed to do?

What I did was feel for all my body parts and thought, “Well, if anyone should know my body, it should be me. I think I can do this without the light.”

So I continued with my shower.

And I expected the light to come back on half through my shower or something.

It didn’t.

Which was fine.

And the second I was done with my shower, the second I reached over and turned off the water, that was the second that the light came on.

Again Dad, perfect timing.

So I learned a very useful skill today: Showering in the dark.

Hey naive girl,

Didn’t you know?

This is the real world,

Not a fairytale

This is where all is an illusion

When the truth is a lie

And the lie is a truth

No, he didn’t mean to say it

No, you didn’t mean to believe it

The cards were laid out on the table

And you chose what you assumed

Your innocence has forgot to let you know

That real life is nothing but a show.

So we finally got through our second week of school after the summer vacation. I think that deserves some applause, don’t you?

So go ahead, give yourself a clap. Or not. Well I did anyways.

This morning I definitely jumped out of bed thinking “Thank God It’s Friday!”

But unfortunately it wasn’t the best Friday I ever had.

Today I want to talk about respect. Because, unbelievably, while teenagers are studying new high level SAT vocabulary words, they still don’t know what the meaning of respect is. There are 11th graders in my school that still act like the snobbish, childish, immature little “bad ass” they were back in the 9th grade.

Today we had an assembly.

(Yes, I know, “Oh my gosh, those are so boring!” But hey I know a lot, if not every one of us also thinks, “Oh yeah, an excuse to get out of class!”

Well, regardless of whatever your thinking, when you go to an assembly, those speakers up there? They are human.

Not robots. Not animals. Not deaf or blind. Not people that just want to bore you or waste your time. Human beings with feelings and heart that have something to say to you.

The least you can do, is listen.

Where I was sitting, the kids behind me were not listening whatsoever.

Which, I really wouldn’t give a damn about. Except while they were NOT listening, they were snickering and making rude comments about what the speakers were saying and they were just being plain disrespectful.

Maybe I’m starting to sound like your ancient old grandma here, with the whole “Be respectful” thing, but really, kids can be SO cruel.

There were students up there, standing as leaders, trying to talk to us about helping us out in the college process etc.

And the audience around me was making comments about how they just didn’t like the speakers.

Well fine.

No one asked you to become BFFs with the speaker.

But listen. Or don’t be rude. I didn’t know that was such a hard thing to do.

And the whole thing with teachers.

The “class clown” that thinks he or she is funny by talking back to the teacher, insulting them, and acting like they couldn’t care less.

I honestly feel so bad for those teachers.

I would hate to work in a high school because honestly, a lot of teenagers don’t think. They do things to be “cool” or “popular” and they don’t for once take a step back and think how their words or actions might affect others.

And that upsets me, because we are looked at as a generation as a whole.

And these people are ruining our society.

These are life skills that we must achieve or else we will get humiliated in the real world.

Liking everyone may not be required but respect is essential and pretty simple to do.