Posted: September 9, 2013 in School
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Junior year is coming at me FULL SPEED AHEAD.

But you know what?


I. am. READY.

Yes, the first day of school cut back on my hours of sleep, totally stole my ‘rolling around reading mushy books’ time, but I got a sneak peek to what this whole year is going to be like:

Busy. And not easy. But. The challenge. Is. Accepted.

It’s so weird, because scrolling through my feed, everyone is so grumpy about school. People are already saying that the year is going to bad, they can “feel” it.

Well my prediction is that the only thing they were feeling was sleepy, and perhaps a bit exhausted. But after the first day, when all you do is fill out index cards with your name and number, you can’t possibly tell me that you know for sure this year is going to suck.

Okay, so it may suck. Who knows. It is high school. Can’t say you can expect too much.

But can’t we go in with a positive attitude, at least for the few days?

Show the teachers and the year that summer may have ended but we are not afraid to take on the challenging to dive into the new school year. Okay now, I sound like a cheesy advertisement, but please note the message behind my lame words.

In my opinion, we should go in with “I am ready” attitude for school, at least for a week or so.

Because trust me when I say this, you have the whole rest of ten months to complain, and whine, and possibly cry.

Just let that sink in.

  1. Your blog is practically my obsession. You could basically write random crap like I wonder what platypus smell like and I would laugh. Um, so, yeah. I’ll just leave you with that thoght.

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