Here’s A New Vocabulary Word For People: RESPECT

Posted: September 20, 2013 in Irritating People At School, Our Society Itself..
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So we finally got through our second week of school after the summer vacation. I think that deserves some applause, don’t you?

So go ahead, give yourself a clap. Or not. Well I did anyways.

This morning I definitely jumped out of bed thinking “Thank God It’s Friday!”

But unfortunately it wasn’t the best Friday I ever had.

Today I want to talk about respect. Because, unbelievably, while teenagers are studying new high level SAT vocabulary words, they still don’t know what the meaning of respect is. There are 11th graders in my school that still act like the snobbish, childish, immature little “bad ass” they were back in the 9th grade.

Today we had an assembly.

(Yes, I know, “Oh my gosh, those are so boring!” But hey I know a lot, if not every one of us also thinks, “Oh yeah, an excuse to get out of class!”

Well, regardless of whatever your thinking, when you go to an assembly, those speakers up there? They are human.

Not robots. Not animals. Not deaf or blind. Not people that just want to bore you or waste your time. Human beings with feelings and heart that have something to say to you.

The least you can do, is listen.

Where I was sitting, the kids behind me were not listening whatsoever.

Which, I really wouldn’t give a damn about. Except while they were NOT listening, they were snickering and making rude comments about what the speakers were saying and they were just being plain disrespectful.

Maybe I’m starting to sound like your ancient old grandma here, with the whole “Be respectful” thing, but really, kids can be SO cruel.

There were students up there, standing as leaders, trying to talk to us about helping us out in the college process etc.

And the audience around me was making comments about how they just didn’t like the speakers.

Well fine.

No one asked you to become BFFs with the speaker.

But listen. Or don’t be rude. I didn’t know that was such a hard thing to do.

And the whole thing with teachers.

The “class clown” that thinks he or she is funny by talking back to the teacher, insulting them, and acting like they couldn’t care less.

I honestly feel so bad for those teachers.

I would hate to work in a high school because honestly, a lot of teenagers don’t think. They do things to be “cool” or “popular” and they don’t for once take a step back and think how their words or actions might affect others.

And that upsets me, because we are looked at as a generation as a whole.

And these people are ruining our society.

These are life skills that we must achieve or else we will get humiliated in the real world.

Liking everyone may not be required but respect is essential and pretty simple to do.


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