Naked In The Shower When Everything Goes Dark

Posted: September 22, 2013 in Humor, Parents/Siblings
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After an afternoon in the city, I finally come home and claim the bathroom to myself.

I peel off my clothes and get the water running.

When the water is just right, I step in.

And the light goes out.

It’s a scene straight out of a horror movie, don’t you think?

I turn off the water and grab my towel, bracing myself for the scary monster about to pull back the curtain with an evil grin and a shiny knife in his hand.. when there’s a soft knock on my door.

Well crap, I’m pretty sure anyone at that point would be ready to pee their pants if they were in my place.

Then again, I wasn’t wearing any pants.

“Your dad turned off the light switch for something, just finish showering,” I hear my mom tell me through the door.

My dad. Who was putting in a new light bulb in the basement and needed to turn off the light switch to do it. Who had the most perfect timing of course.

“Okay,” I call out to my mom. I blink and wait as my eyes adjust to the dark.

Well what was I supposed to do?

What I did was feel for all my body parts and thought, “Well, if anyone should know my body, it should be me. I think I can do this without the light.”

So I continued with my shower.

And I expected the light to come back on half through my shower or something.

It didn’t.

Which was fine.

And the second I was done with my shower, the second I reached over and turned off the water, that was the second that the light came on.

Again Dad, perfect timing.

So I learned a very useful skill today: Showering in the dark.


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