Go Buy A Diary

Posted: January 30, 2014 in Irritating People At School, School, Stupid Rants
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We all just need to express our feelings right? Just rant, explode, or even just curse a few people out to get things off our chests. Sometimes we want to talk about it with people. Sometimes.. we don’t.

If you don’t want to talk about it, why would you reach out to people then?

It’s like crying for help when you’re dangling off a cliff and then ignoring the hand that’s stretched towards you. Or the simplified version: simply screaming for attention but not doing anything with it.

People post status’s on Facebook- they use Facebook as their diary, venting their feelings, except they don’t really explain shit! And yeah, I get that Facebook is kinda public and you don’t wanna explain your personal issues on it, but why would you mention it in the first place? To just get it off your chest? Go find a person to tell your shit to, or better yet, buy a diary.

It’s just really annoying when you see a status like,



“I just can’t take it anymore.. -feeling shitty”

And then when you comment, asking whats wrong (just trynna be a decent friend here) they just like your comment and ignore it.

I mean fine, don’t comment back. But you could hit me up, talk to me in person, say something.

Other people comment too, responding to her cry for help. But she simply turns away. If you can’t talk about it, why just concern everybody.

So everyone can sit there and wonder about you without being able to help?

How twisted is that?


If you’re gunna vent on facebook but not explain or talk to anybody just to buy a diary. They won’t ask questions, trust me. And if they do..

I suggest you go see a doctor about that.



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