I Wanna Go To College To Party It Up

Posted: March 23, 2014 in Reading/Writing, School
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Think that’ll whoo over the admission people?

I’m applying to a summer college program and they wanna know why I want to go to college. Isn’t the answer obvious? To get a decent degree so I can make some good cash. Obviously.

But no, they want 500 words of sweet talk. 500 words about how I had this amazing experience that made me think “It’s my lifelong dream to attend college” or I realized that, “Education is the key to life”.

Now, I like creative writing. But at the same time, I know I need to make it realistic. Surprise them. But not with “I wanna go to college to party it up”. I just posted that as my title to attract you guys to read this. Obviously.

Hey- it worked, didn’t it?

But right now, it feels like I sort of have the essay in my head. Like, I can picture it, I know the gist of it. I know what I want them to know.

Now I just gotta organize all my thoughts into 500 words of pure sugar.



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