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Posted: March 30, 2014 in Our Society Itself..
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I like reading humor blogs. Mainly because I like being funny and I like reading things from other people who like being funny.

On my reader, one of my set tags is actually humor. I just click that and read the latest posts that are tagged ‘humor’.

Except.. a lot of the “humor” are really just funny pictures copied and pasted from Google. I mean.. if one were to write a funny post and then put in a picture that relates.. that would be creative.

But just pasting someone else’s picture and writing “Check this out, this is hilarious”, is kind of lame. 

I mean sure, the picture’s are hilarious but most of them are common ones that you would see on Instagram or Facebook anyways.

Like that one about the person having a phone call conversation in the bathroom stall and the guy in the next door stall starts answering all his questions thinking the two of them are having a conversation.

Seriously, if I had a dollar for every time I saw that one, I could buy myself a smart phone by now. 

  1. I agree completely. This isn’t a site where you just share something someone else created (unless you’re going to be discussing it). I I feel like WordPress is a place where people should be producing their own material.

    • juddin97 says:

      It is, isn’t it? I mean, if it’s photography- fine. But make sure it YOUR photo’s. There’s really no point in simply copying pictures off of Google.

      • And if you’re going to copy pictures off of Google, at least let it be because of a piece you’re writing something about. Don’t just let someone else’s picture be your piece.

      • juddin97 says:

        Right? I mean I add in some pictures from Google sometimes, particularly when I’m feeling ‘creative’. But I look for something after I’ve already written my piece. Something that matches.

        Some people just post a funny gif or meme and go: “Here’s someone else’s work? Isn’t it funny?”

      • Yeah, that’s ridiculous. If I were the person making these funny images, I would probably be pretty upset about other people getting traffic because of my work. At least give credit where credit is due.

      • juddin97 says:

        You know, that’s actually something people do on social networks for followers. Everybody’s like “Oh my god, there so funny! Let’s follow them!”

        Meanwhile it’s someone else’s joke. Nice.

      • I’ve seen pages like that. It’s actually why I deleted my Tumblr. It was just a ton of people gaining followers for posting cool things from other people. Very depressing.

      • juddin97 says:

        Really? I never even made a Tumblr. Actually, I think I did once a long time ago, but I forgot the password.

        Anyways, it seems like everyone’s just desperate for followers these days. Meanwhile, I’m not even sure how many followers I have on here.

      • I agree. I don’t know how many followers I have either! Haha. I’m following you, so you have at least one. I never even realized that I have no idea how many followers I have. Well, at least we can be counted on for original content!

      • juddin97 says:

        Haha, well I’m following you, so you have at least one 😉

        And I agree, that’s what counts- having original content 🙂

      • Nice! Haha. Exactly. See, we are defining cool blogger people. 🙂

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