People Actually Edit Their Posts?

Posted: April 1, 2014 in Blogging
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I’ve come across a couple of random blog posts lately about writers developing their “articles” of their blogs multiple times before hitting “publish”.

I’ve read about writer’s coming up with a topic, writing until all his idea’s float out, saving it, and then logging back another day to edit and revise.

And it just brings me to shock because it makes me realize that some people actually take blogging so seriously and put so much effort.. and then there’s me.

A teenager till the end- as society has put it- I write things at the moment, get my feelings out, hit publish, and never look back.

But that’s only because I do feel like that’s when I get some of my best work done- at one sitting.

A lot of times, if I start on a topic, and then read over, try to edit and make it more ‘attractive’ or even just well thought out and put together- my piece looses its tone. Because I forget the emotions I felt as I was typing and it just doesn’t sound the same, you know?

Like right now, I am literally typing as the words appear in my mind. Like I’m talking to you.

To me, that’s what blogging is, talking to my readers through a post. Me, personally, I guess I just don’t view my blog as a place to write well put together, revised, and re-edited pieces- that’s what my school essays are for.

And that would explain my terrible grammer and weird sounding sentences all over my blog.

Cheers. Thanks for reading.


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