Caught Looking In The Mirror

Posted: April 16, 2014 in Health/Fitness
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It’s been a really long time since I’ve attempted on a diet but I did join fitness a few weeks ago in school. So now two days a week I exhaust myself while trying to shed a few pounds.

Let me tell you something about fitness: more than half the people that are a part of the program- they actually are already fit.

So I’m just there panting and wheezing while everyone else is exercising around me- because, well, they just like exercising. Apparently.

And most of the girls that are fitness- the ones that have a tiny flab of fat on their stomach and are trying to get abs- they work out cute little sweats or shorts with a nice fitted tank top. Even if they do wear a t-shirt, most of them look cute.

And then there’s me- in huge, baggy sweatpants, and an over-sized t-shirt.

The fitness room has walls lined with mirrors. So like the self-conscious person I am, I look across at my reflection, cringe, and tug at my shirt, trying to make it look semi presentable while possibly making it look worse.

I should’ve probably reminded you that there are guys at fitness. Of course, they are even semi-cute.

Well one of them happened to notice me scowling at my reflection and just looks at me with this reassuring smile.

I think he also gave me a thumbs up but I can’t be sure because at that point my face was beet red and I can assure it was NOT from the life threatening jogging that we did.

And the moral of the story is: Never get caught looking in the mirror during fitness. You probably don’t look any better than you think you do and it looks kinda pathetic when you get caught.

  1. I think the moral of the story is that you should be more accepting of yourself. Why is it that a stranger can be more supportive of you than you can of yourself? Be nice to yourself! And also, never trust anyone who actually likes exercising. They are clearly deranged. 🙂

  2. juddin97 says:

    Haha, so true. And I know, still working on the accepting myself thing, it’s a process 😀

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