My Life As A Third Wheel

Posted: April 25, 2014 in Life, Me, Myself, and I
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Third wheels are oh so essential in life. You know why? Because every single tricycle would be an ultimate disaster without a third wheel. And we wouldn’t want that, would we? Cuz then toddlers would have to jump straight to the two wheeled bike and possible crack their head open. No, third wheels are necessary because it keeps everything balanced.

Just like it keeps my social status in high school balanced.

I’m sure everybody’s been in this situation before, the awkward third wheel situation.

Maybe it was when you want out with your best friend and her boyfriend but they spent the whole time wrapped up in each other while you counted the clouds.

Or maybe you were hanging out with your boyfriend and his friends but they spent the whole time talking about football while you picked out your split ends.

But see, most likely, your best friend and your boyfriend didn’t mean to make the situation so awkward. Yes they probably should have done more to include you in the conversations but maybe they didn’t know how. Or, they were just so wrapped up in things that they didn’t realize what they were doing.

But really, the at least wanted you there so you know they were trying to keep you around.

But when two people who are supposed to be your friends talk in a different language with you RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THEM, … well, that kinda sucks.

I mean, it’s not even the both of them. It’s just one person who always directs the conversation to the other person, as long as it’s not me.

All three of us would be having a conversation and the person- my friend- would ask my other friend something in their language and off they would go.

I don’t know their language. It’s not like there is someone else if it’s just the three of us.

And it’s not like they don’t realize what they’re doing. I have jokingly pointed it out once, “Hey guys, thanks for including me in the conversation.”

And nothing. It still happens.

But oh wells. Third wheels are necessary for balance.

You know, otherwise, tricycles would a disaster and all..

I think I need new friends though.

  1. I concur with the new friends bit. Find new friends who actually include you in things.

  2. mgquinonez says:

    ain’t nobody got time for that
    ~Mystery of M

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