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I skipped my lunch period two days in a row to get paper cuts while trying to post my flyers up everywhere around the school building.

I’m running for senior senator and elections are tomorrow.

Except here’s the thing. Yesterday, I posted up a whole bunch of flyers 7th period. And by 9th period, half of them vanished into thin air.

I know what you’re thinking, “They probably fell off, student’s brushed up against them, they wind came through the windows and took them away, etc..”

But I have a friend who told me that the friends of the candidate that’s running against me are tearing down my flyers.

Now, that’s just messed up, isn’t it? I’m not afraid of a little competition, but ripping away flyers is just against the rules.

But you know what, I’m not even going to let this get to me.

They obviously think I’m a threat if they feel the need to rip away my posters.

Besides that, a lot of people know that they are ripping away my posters and that I’m not doing the same to their’s because I refuse to stoop down to their level.

That just makes them look bad and makes me look better.

So I know I’m going to win this election and you know what? I don’t even need the flyers to do it, the other candidate is simply helping my campaign.


Everyone knows that when there’s a blogger that just has to criticize just about everything in life down to the ant crawling on the sidewalk, people love to tune in to hear what they say.

But how does that work, exactly? It’s kind of funny, actually.

Blogger’s hate on things and go against the common belief only to attract the common people. And boy, do the common people come. Because everybody loves a good show, a good debate. Even if you don’t really believe THAT strongly about whatever it is your advocating for. But why not just do it if it’s going to get you attention, right?

The world loves controversy.

So I’ve uncovered a universal truth: In order to get fans, you’ve gotta be a hater.

Well at least, that’s how it works in the blogging world, anyways.

The one moral lesson that you keep coming back to in high school is that you really can’t trust people.

Well, at least that’s the one moral lesson that I keep coming back to. And I know it feels like I complain about this a lot but it also feels like I’m learning this lesson again and again. Although I am more wary of people and their actions now.

For example, if you look closely at a group or girl friends, there is almost always someone who hates the other but acts like they are best friends. There are always actors in the crowd. Because the public image is more important than what you really think.

Even my own friends sometimes don’t really feel like friends. Sometimes people try to be close to you only to manipulate you and get something they want.

And the thing about trust, is that it’s used as a weapon. Simply telling someone, “I’m trusting you”, even if you’re not trusting them, is simply getting it into their head the fact that you trust them therefore, they must act a certain way. If though you don’t really trust them.

Does this make sense?

I don’t know, it’ll probably make more sense if I was more specific and told you guys exactly what’s going on in school to make me write this stuff (otherwise known as how a blog is technically supposed to work) but that’s just so much work, so I think I’ll just let your thoughts wander for now.


Latest news: I’m running for school senior senator.

Bad news: There are 3 open spots but 5 people running including me.

Elections are: The week after next week.

My to-do list: Get popular by next week.

Odds of that happening: Oh.. I’d say close to impossible.

So that’s the big thing going on in my life right now. I actually want to be senior senator next year because I want my senior high school year to be fun and involved. Plus, I already know the teacher who is in charge of senior activities and I work well with him.

But now, there has to be an election and I have to campaign for myself.

Which is so damn weird, by the way. I mean how do you just go up to people and say, “Hey, I’m running for senior senator, so if you could vote for me, that would be great, thanks.”

Talk about vanity.

Although I suppose a little bit of arrogance is necessary for politics. Isn’t that what the people say?

Anyways, so far, I have messaged 3 popular people in my school and let them know that I am running for senior senator and if they could support and also try to help me spread the word out.

I don’t know if that’s weird, but honestly, I just have to stop over thinking things and just run with it.

That’s what I’ve been doing this year- doing the things that I want to do without questioning myself and holding myself back.

So cross your fingers for me! Hopefully I can make it into one of the three seats.

“Oh my gosh, I’m soo fat.”

“Ugh, look at this tiny piece of flab, I should like quit eating.”

“Why do my thighs jiggle? I want a thigh gap”. etc.

And the list goes on. You know, I’m pretty sure I’ve wrote a post almost IDENTICAL to this one but it’s just SO common in teenage girls.

Yes, I know, sometimes people just like to complain. But trashing yourself about your figure, in front of someone who’s more “curvier” than you are?

Come on, how do you think that makes me feel?

I usually don’t like to complain. In fact, I hate it, I hate it when people do it too much too.

And so even if I am sometimes not satisfied with my body, I won’t say it out loud. Especially not in front of someone who’s fatter than me!

I don’t know, that just leaves people in an awkward position.

When I’m with a girl who says that she is fat, I’m just like,

“Okay, you call yourself fat, then what am I supposed to be..?”

Let’s be real guys. Ever heard that phrase before.

It’s the phrase that just about every mother uses in just about every single argument. And I’m really sick of it. How can you use something that happened before I even existed against me? That’s just not fair.

So I have a part time job now. And I only make 8 bucks an hour and I only work weekends. I don’t use money as much but that still isn’t exactly a lot. But it’s something.

When I first started working, I loved the idea of having my own income. My first paycheck- I used it for a family meal.

I even considered bringing dinner home once and I was considering using it to help with little things like grocery and such. But that changed pretty quick.

Wanna know why? Because all of a sudden my mother started hinting about all the things I would be able to buy for her now that I make money.

And I don’t mean casual little things.

She’ll sit on the sofa and go, “Soon, my daughter will be able to buy new expensive sofa’s for the family.”

And you know, I would if I could. But it really doesn’t make me feel better if she just sits there and asks for it.

Mother’s Day is next Sunday. And you know, I always get her something for Mother’s Day. Before, it was small, cheap things. But now that I have money, this year I was already planning to get something nice.

But for the past month or so, ¬†she’s been saying stuff like, “Who know’s what your going to get for me this Mother’s Day.”

And you know, the way we work is that we joke around a lot. She said that jokingly, so I jokingly said, “I don’t even know when Mother’s Day is so you should remind me on the day so I can pluck a flower out of our garden to give you.”

She laughed it off and it’s really always like that. Lately, the way she just expects me to get her stuff is getting annoying though.

Even my little brother came to me asking for 20 dollars yesterday. He’s 9! What does he need it for?

So today me and my mother went out to cash in my latest check and my dad called.

I jokingly told him that this time I was going to split the cash in half and give half to him and the other half to my sister because they were the only ones in the family that didn’t ask me for money now that I have a job.

He laughed it off and said, “That’s not necessary, it’s okay.”

My mom took everything serious all of a sudden; asking if she’s ever used any of my money and such.

I said, no, but you sure ask for it (again, jokingly).

But walking back home, she wouldn’t even look at me. Saying stuff like, “I carried you around for nine months. Only to see you grow up and insult me.”

Okay, so I made a statement and I hurt her feelings. But I told her I didn’t mean to, it was a joke.

And now she’s still acting like such a drama queen, ignoring me and shit.

I don’t what to do and I feel like shit. The funny thing is I don’t even think she considers her kids feelings when she talks, but if we make a tiny statement that gets her upset she acts like we’ve been horrible to her.