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Guess who got an 84 on her Spanish regents?? This chica!

Haha, the graders must have been drunk when they graded it because I know my spanish is muy malo (very bad).

But who cares, that was the final thing I needed to graduate with an advanced regents diploma , so horrah.

The only bump in my road? Even though all my grades are amazing this year, my transcript is like ehh. Like simply mehh.


Because I thought fun was more important than academics during my freshmen year. And everyone always told me, “Have fun your freshmen year, it’s junior year that counts the most.”

Well I call bullshit on that.

Though yes, you should have fun your freshmen year, enjoy the start of high school and all that, don’t forget about your grades! Because you do need a good start.

And junior is most important, my butt! Junior year is important because that’s when you take your SAT’s.

But other than that, Junior year pretty much counts exactly the same as your Freshmen and Sophomore year because THEY ARE ALL AVERAGED UP.

So even though my junior year average rocks, my cumulative average is only mehh cuz my freshmen year average is blech and sophomore year’s is ehh.

Astonishing vocabulary, right? 😀

That 84 in spanish though, muy bien! (Very good)


You know what sucks about getting sick? You sneeze a lot. And you know what sucks about sneezing? Sometimes, when you sneeze, a fart comes out. You know what sucks about fart-sneezes? You can’t feel the fart coming until it’s too late. And then you have to sit there and pretend it was just a sneeze and don’t one of those sneeze-farts.

So I was taking my U.S History regents yesterday in school. And I swear the room is dead quiet, because, well we were taking a test. And I can feel the sneeze coming. But I hate sneezing in a quiet room. I just feel like it makes unnecessary noise and brings unnecessary attention.

But I can’t avoid it. So I let it loose.

Right there in the middle of a dead silent classroom full of students taking an exam.

A loud sneeze and the unmistakable fart that comes along with it. Awesome.

Oh and then I sit there as a whole bunch of guys turn around, look at me and say, “Bless you”.

And I politely say “thank you”, because like them, I would rather only acknowledge the sneeze part of that sneeze fart.

But then again what are supposed to say to someone who accidentally sneeze farts? “Sorry you couldn’t contain your gas”?

Hahaha, I was so funny, what happened?
Need my creativity back ASAP

Complaints Of A Teenager

Someone challenged me to write a post wondering what a platypus smells like.

Well, from personal experience, I really don’t know. Because as much of no-lifer I am, I don’t have a hobby that consists of hunting in the wild for a platypus, just to grab it by the tail and get a good whiff.

But apparently some people do. Because when I searched it up on Google (the world’s greatest resources if you ever need to know anything), they actually had some sort of an idea. So here’s what I got:

Platypuses do not smell bad. They smell like an animal that lives in burows and hunts for food in water.

Huh. Well, I don’t actually know what that kind of animal smells like, but maybe that’s no big deal.

After all, what will I do with the knowledge of what a platypus smells like?

Chacha tells me: There are…

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Is it to slowly put distance between you guys before he has a chance to ask you out?

What about the bro-zone technique, they “Hey bro, you’re such a great FRIEND” ?

Or just flat out telling him that you’re not interested in anything more if that’s what he’s thinking?

Or does that make you seem too arrogant?

Yet, I’m thinking that last option is the least sneaky way to go. It’s the most honest, clear-cut and straight up. But.. I don’t want things to be awkward. I wanna stay friends with him.

I know, I know, how many times have you heard that one? But this guy is someone from work and I don’t talk to a lot of people from work. But him, I talk to because he’s fun and easy to talk to.

So I don’t wanna do this in a way that’s just going to push him away completely.

But I also know that I don’t want whatever he’s thinking in his head. And I definitely do not want to lead him on although naturally, until I make it clear to him that I don’t want this, that is kind of what I’m doing..

Ugh, the struggle.

I pleaded, “TAKE MINE WITH YOU!”

Haha. So today, my mom decided to attend an event at one of her friend’s house.  And naturally, she dragged us along.

I didn’t really wanna go because

a: Her friend’s are like old ladies trying to “hip” and “modern” (not cool) and

b: I was just too lazy to go.

But whatever, I went because frankly, there wasn’t much to do at home.

Now the thing is, the “event” or get together or whatever you wanna call it, started a bit later. So it was like having dinner and then dessert and then really just wasting time as the mom’s talk about who’s wearing what. Okay.

So then it’s almost 11pm and my dad calls from work and asks my mom where she is.

And my mom tells him that we are all at my cousins house. Meanwhile, my cousin’s family is with us in my mom’s friend’s house.

Aka, she lied. Blatantly. This is her reasoning:

“Your dad’s just going to worry about us walking home at this hour of the night. If he think’s we’re at your cousins house, he won’t care since they live down the block. Let’s not worry him.”

So she was doing him a favor.. ?

It just amused me, how she let go of her morals like that. Teeny white lie, something I would use against her.

Even though lately, I’ve been feeling guilty when I lie like that.

I must be growing up, or something. Oh no.

I swear, this is the fifth time I’m rewriting this post with a completely different topic. The thing is, there is so much I could write about. But I don’t want to bore my readers. I mean, sometimes I just want to empty my mind.

But do you guys really give a damn about what’s going on in my life.

I have little little ideas but actually taking one and expanding into a legit post is like, mad work. Which is my catch phrase, by the way. Pretty dumb, I know but it’s just so catchy. To me, anyways.

In a summary, here’s what’s going on:

~ Elections for senior senator was yesterday. I find out the results on Monday. I have no idea if I won or not because the election was pretty close. Oh and there was a tiny fiasco where I thought the voting was going unfairly and I said something upsetting to a candidate and she went running to the advisor who then proceeded to pull me aside and lecture me about “getting along”. Whatever, pretty messed up but it was a misunderstanding and I apologized like the bigger person I am. And I cried out all my tears during AP Biology where the lights were low and we watched a sad movie anyways. So I’m over that.

~ Had work for about 3 and a half hours today. Which is extremely short but whatever, I complain if I have to stay for too long also.

~ What sucks about having work for such a short amount of time though is the fact that I couldn’t see HIM. Yes, of course there’s a HIM at work. No, I do not like him because he is three years older than me and I totally do not need that drama right now. But regardless, I kinda do like HIM but I’m really really trying not to. If you haven’t noticed.

~ I was forced to call out of work tomorrow because I got a 2 to 7 shift and my dad hosted a barbecue party at my house and doesn’t want me out of the house when our family friends are here. There was a bit of a fiasco there also because when I called my manager she was annoyed because I also asked to come in after 2 next Saturday. But she did call up another coworker and got me the day off. So now I can stay home tomorrow and enjoy a barbecue party with a house full of ‘family friends’. Fun.

~ That also means I won’t see HIM tomorrow. Which means it will be the whole weekend that I won’t see him and the next time I see him it will have been two weeks. Damn.. probably for the best. Considering the fact that I’m trying to stay just friends with him and all.. But still.. Ugh.. fighting it..

~ Now I’m home on a Saturday night. No work and no life either. And my sister is at tutoring.So no one to bother or get into pointless arguments with. I don’t think I’m allowed to be a teenager and have no plans on a Saturday night.. But then again, with my parents, I can go just about NOWHERE.

~ I don’t know how to make my blog more popular and I’m still trying to decide whether I really care about that or not.