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You know what types of people I find annoying? The ones that treat you like a toddler when in reality, you are only younger than them by a year or two.

There’s this one guy at work. Everyone think’s he’s cool and that he’s funny and all that and that’s fine. But I don’t care. Because he made a bad impression on me and his jokes towards me are really not amusing.

Maybe it’s stupid but one comment sometimes really gets to me. Like on my birthday, I saw him with a guy I liked and okay, I kind of interrupted them, coming into the middle of the conversation but I don’t think that’s a reason to be rude. The guy I liked tells him, “Hey, did you know it’s her birthday today?” So instead of saying “Happy Birthday” to me, he goes, “What’d you turn 12?” And worst of all, I didn’t hear him clearly so I asked him to repeat it. And the guy I liked repeated it. I didn’t even have a good comeback, I kind of just tilted my head and said, “I wouldn’t be able to work here then, would I?”

And after that he generally got more annoying with his jokes. Especially about my height.

“Bro, you’re so tall”. Ugh, height is kind of a touchy subject for me because I’ve always been told I’m short.

But I think the more he pushes my buttons, the more my bitchy side is going to rile up inside. Slowly, I’m going to have more and more attitude in store for him and then I’ll probably explode on him and I’ll just look bad.

Really though, he’s not even that funny, more like irritating.


He’s sweet.

He’s sincere.

He hates liars.

He hates people who are fake, to the point where he prefers girl’s completely natural, no makeup, no touch-ups, all flaws included.

And he’s a poet.

Did I mention he’s into me? That’s the best part.

Wait no- the best part is probably the fact that he’s 19, but never been in a relationship, never got a first kiss, nothing. I’m not sure why but that is just a major turn-on. It’s because I know he hasn’t been around, he’s not jaded about romance, and everything he does or says just come out so.. sweet.

Oh and I think we’re kind of together. I don’t really know actually, and I’m not about to question things, I’m just going to let it flow.

He admitted he liked me, I admitted I liked him and he also admitted that he would kiss me except he’s nervous and he’s probably bad at it.

Eep. By the way, there’s no way he’s bad at it, it’s like impossible. Besides, I’ve only kissed one guy in my lifetime so I’m probably bad at it too.

But he’s so sweet.

And so thoughtful.

Just, such a nice person in general.

And sentimental too.

I think I found a gem.

I’m going to go now before I turn into jell-o.


So apparently according to my mom, a wife being able to cook is the sole foundation of a good marriage. Really, this isn’t the 80’s, and we’re not in South Asia.

Haha, I went to help her out in the kitchen today. And after a few minutes of her watching me hopelessly spending way too long cutting out awkward shaped pieces of onion (I mean really, they’re all going down the same way, whatever), she was like, “Just go do the dishes, I feel bad for your future husband.”

Really! Ha, my husband should be the one cooking for me. Okay.. not all the time, but like special occasions and such. And I’m 17! I’ll learn later! And why exactly are we discussing my ‘future husband’ now??

My mom amuses me sometimes.

Is it just me or are teenage girl’s left and right getting knocked up?

Sorry for lack of better wording, but “pregnant” feels like a celebration. And putting “teenager’s” and “pregnant” together should in no way be a celebration.

Honestly, though, in the span of just today, I found out two cases.

And the thing is, they’re not even ashamed or being conservative about it. I’m not saying, it’s not great to reproduce and bring in a new life and all. But at this age? What about their future’s? What about everything they ever said they would do when they grow up?

True, it’s possible to do all those things still and it’s not the end of the world. But still.. throwing a baby into the mix complicates things.

And I know, I know, “it wasn’t like it was on purpose”, “mistake’s happen, you just gotta deal”, but there are so many ways to be more careful. Hell, most nurses give out condoms! Use them!

I don’t know, I guess my mentality is different because in my culture, you shouldn’t even be sleeping around until you’re married..

But really, teenager’s are getting pregnant and then declaring it on Facebook or gossiping about it in work like they’re talking about the weather.

Is it just normal now? Is that what our society has come to? To just have a kid when you’re barely an adult and hold onto to the off chance that everything will work out?

That’s crazy. Because in my world, if you find out you’re bringing in a new life before you’ve even let yourself get a chance at your own life, you have a lot of thinking to do.

And maybe do that before just tossing around the news to the whole world?

Really, I don’t mean to judge but.. this isn’t as casual as people are making it out to be..