I Have A Lot Of Patience, Y’know? I KNOW

Posted: January 23, 2016 in Parents/Siblings, Stupid Rants

People piss me off. I get pissed off. I refrain from yelling. Makes me want to cry instead. I should yell. I should scream. But I have patience. Y’know? I know.

People piss me off. My parent’s piss me off. My dad pisses me off. My sentences right now piss me off but I am too pissed off to care.

Where do I even begin? I heard it’s a middle-eastern man thing. Explanations for my dad. Hot-tempered, unreasonable, unrealistic, oozing pride, increasingly testing my patience and increasingly pissing me off.

Told me to call his pharmacy to order his medicine refills and then gets pissed off when I ask when he wants to go in to pick up his medicine. Because apparently it’s common sense for ME to know when HE wants to go in and pick up his medicine? I DON’T KNOW.

And it’s not just this, this is just the cherry on top of a big nasty milkshake that I am tired of that drove me to write this post. Just to get this mad negative energy out.

The milkshake consists of a lot of things. It consists of his stupid pride in not wanting to learn things he does not know how to do but relies on me for because he doesn’t want to ADMIT THAT HE DOES NOT KNOW. And then leaving threatening voicemail on my phone when I’m out because HE NEEDS ME TO DO SOMETHING FOR HIM THAT HE SHOULD KNOW HOW TO DO. Like scanning a document to send to his lawyer. Seriously.

Patience patience patience tested and increasingly decreasing. Does that even make sense? Should I even reread this post to see if any of this makes sense? Nah. Because I don’t care. Because I’m mad. Well.. less now that I’ve written this and gotten it out.

But still.



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