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My Dream Guy..

Posted: September 1, 2013 in Love, Me, Myself, and I
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Okay before you go on scrolling or going to a different page due to the silliness written for my title, hear me out.

Still here? Good.

I think I must have read at least 30 romance or love stories this summer.

I’m a secret romantic. Well I guess it’s not really a secret since I’m putting it on the internet.

But I’m anonymous here. So I couldn’t care less.

So many books I’ve read, the guy turns out to be such an a-hole in the beginning of the story, and then turns out in the end, he’s suddenly such a mushy gushy corny love-sucked mess.

I mean, it’s cute and all when there are heartfelt moments that really mean something, you know?

Like “I love you”‘s sometime when the girl isn’t “giving you pleasure” ;o

And little things just to show you care.

But still being friends, most of all.

So I got to thinking how my love life might one day turn out.

And I have no idea.


A girl can dream. And I dream of a guy who has as many of the following qualities.

1) Sense of humor. I love to make jokes and I love to laugh. I need a partner that can laugh at life with me or even help laugh because life is just too much to get through without laughing at some things.

2) Looks. Yes, I know how shallow that sounds, but mind you, it isn’t the first thing on my list. Before you jump on me telling me looks aren’t everything, let me tell you that I have to wake up to this guy. (Dream guy will go on to be hubby eventually, I said I was a romantic, didn’t I?) Personalities go far- much farther, I promise you. But he has to have a face that I can look at all the time and be like “wow, that fine man over there is all mine.”

3) Kids guy. No, this does not mean I’m the kind of girl that’s just going sit there and make babies with the guy, I just mean I like the guys that are good with kids. They often seem to be fun and more, I don’t know, kid-friendly, it’s just always a good thing.

4) Reasonable temper. I’m not saying he should put up with outrageous things- I’m not the type of girl to be outrageous anyways but even if so- he should know when to stop and take a deep breath. No doubt there will be fights, I’m a romantic but a realist, but I don’t want a guy that’s just going to stand there and yell at me. Even if later, he comes with “Baby I’m so sorry,” (they always do), I can’t put up with that, the emotional roller coaster is just too much.

5) Caring. The type of guy that will care for me, and of course everyone else. A guy that would give me his jacket if I’m cold, give up his seat for an elderly on the bus, offer his short to blow my nose is when I’m crying (Okay, maybe that’s too much to ask, snot is pretty gross). But to be cared for is nice. I would care for him too. Always.

6) Fun. Goofy. Relaxed. Someone that wasn’t too serious to twirl me around in the middle of a sidewalk and laugh out loud. Someone that would act goofy just to cheer me up. Someone that would make light comments to ease up tense situations.

7) Loyal. Someone who wouldn’t leave my side. I’m not saying he can’t bat an eye at any other woman, plenty are gorgeous. But someone that values me and only me. Someone who’s true heart only I have. I don’t share and I don’t think that makes me selfish.

8) The only thing that I can think of that’s left is not actually that important, more like something totally bonus but would be nice. A good cook. I don’t know, it’s just that I don’t really cook and I’ve always found a guy that could make wonders in the kitchen and feed his girl with food he cooked just absolutely sexy.

And that’s all for now. Maybe I’m just daydreaming and being mushy.

Maybe this is just an effect due to a summer lost in the world on romance all on my own.

Maybe this is just my escape, planning a love life that will knock out anything bad in my life.

Whatever it is, I hoped you enjoyed my thoughts, and thanks for reading.