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After an afternoon in the city, I finally come home and claim the bathroom to myself.

I peel off my clothes and get the water running.

When the water is just right, I step in.

And the light goes out.

It’s a scene straight out of a horror movie, don’t you think?

I turn off the water and grab my towel, bracing myself for the scary monster about to pull back the curtain with an evil grin and a shiny knife in his hand.. when there’s a soft knock on my door.

Well crap, I’m pretty sure anyone at that point would be ready to pee their pants if they were in my place.

Then again, I wasn’t wearing any pants.

“Your dad turned off the light switch for something, just finish showering,” I hear my mom tell me through the door.

My dad. Who was putting in a new light bulb in the basement and needed to turn off the light switch to do it. Who had the most perfect timing of course.

“Okay,” I call out to my mom. I blink and wait as my eyes adjust to the dark.

Well what was I supposed to do?

What I did was feel for all my body parts and thought, “Well, if anyone should know my body, it should be me. I think I can do this without the light.”

So I continued with my shower.

And I expected the light to come back on half through my shower or something.

It didn’t.

Which was fine.

And the second I was done with my shower, the second I reached over and turned off the water, that was the second that the light came on.

Again Dad, perfect timing.

So I learned a very useful skill today: Showering in the dark.


Hi guys! Did you think I dropped of the face of the Earth? Well I did, but I decided to come back u to bother you some more.

Actually, I’ve been on vacation, out of state. I left New York for the past week of so to head off to Maryland for the annual out of state week family vacation.

I can’t lie to you, there was internet connection at the hotel we stayed in but due to the short amount of time we had to spend there, we went out right after breakfast for sightseeing and didn’t come back until late at nigh when I was too exhausted to do anything other than plan the next day and curl up on the fancy soft hotel pillows and drift off to sleep.

Well that was nice for a couple of days but now I’m back in New York and it looks like time is about to shoot ahead, full speed.

The family vacation is over and done with, all m summer plans are over and I think this break is just wrapping itself up. Now I just have to sit back and brace myself for the starting of school in September. Yay.

Oh, but do you guys want to know how my family vacation went? If not, of course, you can just leave right here.


Cool, you decided to stick around. Well my dad likes to have these vacations every summer for one week. We’ve been to a lot of different states around New York; we always drive.

Last year we went to Pennsylvania and had a blast at Hershey Park, an amusement park full of thrilling rides and scream-worthy roller coasters.

In Maryland, however, we didn’t have as much fun. Baltimore, Maryland was more about checking out the museums, historic ships, and the inner harbor. Mostly ancient stuff.

Then there was that day we went over to parent’s friend’s house. Apparently my mom has a professor that lives in Baltimore. So that was kind of interesting.

But mostly, it was kind of whack.

For some reason I kept getting moody or cranky. I guess because my dad kept getting cranky when he couldn’t find a parking spot or something like that and got cranky with us to get out his frustration.

I find that really annoying.

And also how my little brother gets too excited and does something stupid like knock something over which goes to make my dad cranky even further.

And when sister and brother begin fight because my brother makes her cranky. And then my mom gets cranky because none of us can get along long enough to have a “family moment”.

And then my mom whips out a camera every few seconds to “capture the moment” while everyone is cranky and not in the mood for it and that makes us all extra cranky which makes my mom cranky again and the next thing you now, the five of us are patrolling the streets with scowls on our faces.



Well that’s all for now, I think I’m done ranting about my family’s (and my) talent for scowling.

Until next time,

Have a nice day.

Sometimes, when I’m feeling kind of confidence, I like to think of myself as witty, or perhaps even, dare I say it- funny.

And I enjoy myself and wonder where I could have possibly gotten these genes from.

Then I spend summer days hanging out with my mother and I realize.

There are so many things about my mother that will either make you laugh, or lift up an eyebrow in that way that you can only do when you can’t realize weather she was ridiculously amusing, or ridiculously weird.

I’ll let you be the judge of that.

One day, we were walking to the big park that was a few miles away. My siblings were riding their bikes up ahead, so I was stuck walking with my mother.

(Yes yes, I can’t ride a bike, laugh it out now, I sure have.)

And you know, I really didn’t want to walk side by side with my mother, maybe just a few steps ahead or something.

But there she was pulling my on the arm and linking hers through mines and grinning in that way that made me recoil and think, ‘Do you think you are my friend here?’

But you know, she’s my mom and she suffered through labor to pop me into this world and all so I wisely kept my trap shut and just allowed her to  walk my down the block, attached to my arm like some clingy girlfriend on a guy.

And she starts out with normal conversations- stuff about the weather and about my siblings and stuff.

But of course, that would be boring.

So then she sighs and looks at a woman that was walking by, facing us. And she asks me,

“How come you’re generation is so slutty? I mean look at that woman, I can practically see her nipples and her pants are so tight they are seeping into the crack of her vagina.”



Now how was I supposed to respond to that?

I’m pretty sure I just gaped at her for a few seconds before bursting out laughing.

Thank god she didn’t say it English, because she isn’t all that quiet about her insults.

Do you guys remember my last post? I said I was lost in the romance of books.

You probably don’t remember, but that’s okay, it’s not too important.

The point- it’s the reason I haven’t been on here lately.

Which is really kind of a very pathetic excuse.

You would think that it’s now, when school is closed and I’m just lounging around with a kick-back schedule would be when I would have plenty of time to update my blog.

But no- my mind is really weird. When I’m busy is when I actually seem to be able to get things done.

In the midst of the school year, waking up early to go to school, coming back late from after-school programs, running home to shower and complete my home work, and studying and keeping my grades up, it all sets me into motion. Because I’m already on the run, I decide to make time and update my blog or finish that short story I had begun or look up for scholarships.

Because I know time is scarce, I make the time to do everything.

Now that time is waiting around in my hands I find I’d rather just enjoy it than use it as an advantage to get ahead before everything speeds up again.

Ridiculous- I know.

But these days all I seem to be doing is rolling out of bed at noon, heating up some cup noodles, and curling up with one of my romance novels either online or the book itself.

And it’s nice. It’s really nice.

I’ve even let go of my diet. I just eat whenever I like- which is beginning to be frequently now.

I just  decided that I’ll diet and continue working out when school opens again- when I’ll be busy in the midst of everything to think about food anyways.

So you can say that I am literally taking a break from everything.

Except for family. In fact, I think I’m getting way too much family time these days.

My mother’s annoying me these days much more often. Then again, she hangs out with me a lot now- again- way too often.

The more we hang out the weirder she gets, the more I shudder from the thought I may actually be turning into her, and the more we get into little fights that irritate me.

And I’ve got a family vacation coming up too, in two weeks actually. A whole week touring Maryland. With a four hour car rides to get there and back. With my siblings. And my mother. And my father. And just generally all of them combined. And me having to be with them the whole. entire. time.

Gee, well that should be loads of fun.

So yeah the relaxing part of my summer is actually slowly coming to an end since I’m guessing after the Maryland trip, things will be all hype from back to school stuff.


“Go fix your brother some breakfast.”

“Straighten your room.”

“Sweep the kitchen.”

“Study for your SAT’s.”

“Get off the computer.”

And the list goes on and on and on.

If there was an award for most talented nagger, my mother would walk with first prize. Or maybe second, since I have actually met people’s mother’s who are worse.

But still. That doesn’t make her nagging any easier on me.

Don’t get me wrong- I love my mother, who doesn’t? She is funny, witty, a good cook and doesn’t like gossip.

But must she nag her teenage daughter when it is summer vacation and we are trying to get some peace before teachers get to rattle our brains with loads of work in September?

I should sleeping until noon, then rolling around the couch watching some pointless reality show, or on the computer doing whatever I feel like at the moment.

And it would be nice to do all that without your parents bugging you.

I mean, we have teachers for that from the months of September to June.

Can’t July and August be left alone?

I guess not.

I guess it’s just a motherly thing.

Who knows, maybe it just comes in instinct.

Maybe mother’s think that this is really necessary.

I’m sure years later, I will look back and think how silly it was to find this annoying, how I should’ve helped out my mom as much as I can.

Ha! Yeah right, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

For now, I think I’ll enjoy being young.

Now here are some funny nagging photos:

Have a wonderful day and if you’re up for it, I dare you to show your mother this post and state that you agree with it. Just be sure to assure them right away that you still love them no matter what! 😉

One would think, “It’s summer vacation! Time to spend quality times with family!” Except if that one is me, they would think, “Oh no.”

Family isn’t that bad- really, they are your flesh and blood. But spending all day every day with them can be tiring.

Summer’s barely started, I’ve only been home for about a week and I’m already thinking I’m doomed. Here’s why:

1. My dad thinks it’s cool to invite a bunch of relatives and go hang out in public places where I can possibly bump into people I actually know from school.

Seriously, I should just keep a tin can with me to put over my head.

2. My relatives will judge everything and anything about you, down to how you wear your hair and how long you can fake a smile and make ‘small talk’.

There is a time limit to how long you can keep up a smile as phony as their ‘womanly curves’.

3. My mother cares too much about what everybody else thinks of us.

She would literally take the time to dress me to make sure I am wearing something my relatives would like.

4. My little brother likes to let out a high pitched scream whenever things don’t go his way.

At eight years old, you would think he grew to be a little more mature than that- ha! Yeah right.

5. My parents usually end up arguing with each other and not making much sense whatsoever and adding to that my brother’s mood swings, well, thing’s aren’t very pretty.

And that’s why spending time with my family doesn’t spell out “Summer Vacation” for me.



Okay so I feel absolutely terrible for neglecting this blog since- I don’t even know how long. But fellow readers, fear not, I have my reasons.

First of all I would like to announce that I AM FINALLY FINALLY 16 YEARS OLD.

So yes, I had a big party on Saturday, enjoyed it with all my friends and family, lots of presents, lots of fun.

It was like a dream come true, because to be honest, a sweet 16 was something I had been thinking about since I was a child, it was like a dream.

So it goes without saying that there was a lot of preparation for this party so Thursday and Friday was dedicated mostly to confirming last minute invites, checking food, decorating the house, deciding on my makeup and hair and all that stuff.

So that definitely took out my time, also Saturday itself when I was partying and eating with my friends until midnight.

And would you believe my luck, my trigonometry regents test were on Friday- that’s right- the day RIGHT before the party. So on top of all the party planning, I had to study. If my grade was not good, and my mom was the least bit suspicious that it the party affected it negatively, she would have steam coming out of ears.

So I studied my butt off and hey, you know  what, I actually think I did okay. I wouldn’t want to say pretty good because I don’t want to jinx it (believe me, it happened last year, it is possible) but you know then again math is considerably one of my stronger subjects (careful there, doesn’t mean I’m some kind of math genius now).

Oh and plus, today was my chemistry regents test.

Yeah. A HUGE contrast to my trigonometry regents test..

Science has always been my worst subject, and I never particularly had an interest in it.

I honestly can’t say that I’m positive I passed, forget getting a decent grade, I’m not even sure I answered enough questions that if I were to get every single one right, I passed.

But luckily for me, worst happens for worst, I can always retake it in January.

So I’m actually kind of fine about it.

But my mom isn’t. Mother’s never tend to be anyways.

I’m just glad all my duties for the whole year is over. Now I can somewhat relax before summer really kicks off and the heat gets to me.

But now all my tests are over. Except this summer, I have to study for SAT’s..

But that shouldn’t be too bad.

So yeah, there’s my valid excuse 🙂